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The Gap of Knitting Dyeing and Finishing Technology at Home and Abroad

The Gap of Knitting Dyeing and Finishing Technology at Home and Abroad

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Compared with the foreign advanced knitting dyeing and finishing technology, the entire technology level of our country's knitting dyeing and finishing process is still far away to achieve the balance, it can be embodied in the dyeing and finishing equipment, process technology, modern management, information, product innovation, the quality of technicians and operators, etc.

The overall equipment level is lagged behind and the update speed is slow
Except from foreign owned enterprise, stock listed enterprises, some large or very large enterprises, most of the medium and small businesses existing in domestic are still using equipment of 10 years, 20 years ago, not much new equipment, equipment update speed is slow.
Some automatic control machine has just started, such as online process parameter monitoring instrument, computer color matching, airflow dyeing machine, small liquor ratio double-flow dyeing machine, open-width pretreatment production line, etc.
The initial capital accumulation of enterprises is slow and working fund is not abundant, while the dyeing factories in developed countries have already formed capital intensive and technology-intensive enterprises.

Lack of R & D ability
In knitting dyeing and finishing enterprises, most enterprises are processing materials, as long as they can meet the quality requirements of the order, enterprises generally do not have researching and developing capability departments. To complete an order and ensure the quality of delivery, quantity and on schedule have had done a very big job, there's no more manpower, material and energy to process technology research, develop new products, also lack of competent technical personnel, the enterprises working for foreign merchant.

Poor product quality and is low in grade
As companies are constantly developing and lack of technology and person with ability, technology update speed is slow, enterprise is in a deal with situation in production and can only meet the downline of customer's demand quality, and product quality control is not strict. Due to lack of key equipment and technical research and development personnel, product level is low.

High energy consumption and serious pollution
Most of the dyeing factory's water consumption per ton cloth is above 1:150, if processing 50t's cloth then the sewage would be 7500 t. Most enterprises adopt dyeing machine from pretreatment to the batch production of softening finishes, bath ratio is about 1:10, due to the backward technology, especially without strictly process design and process control, one-off accurate dyeing is impossible, re-work quantity is big, and the water consumption will be more; Use more caustic soda, sewage with high COD, and the sewage treatment cannot meet the discharge standard. Due to the force price down phenomenon, the export tax rebate is reduced, the exchange rate is changed, the cost of labor is increased, and the profit space is getting smaller and smaller.

The cost of sewage treatment is difficult to pay and the sewage treatment is also half open, to cope with a check, so there is still a distance from the cleaner production. However, in recent years, the situation has improved somewhat due to the increased management of environmental work by the government at all levels. For instance, there's a large enterprise in Zhejiang province control the water usage for bleaching at 1:6 0, not only does the wastewater reached the discharging standard, and there are 60% treated water can recycled by membrane filtration, it has obtained good effect, it is definitely worth promoting.


Lack of high-quality managers and technicians
Due to the relatively poor working conditions in the dyeing factory, it is very rare for the technical secondary graduates of dyeing and finishing majors to get to work at the factory directly in recent years, lack of talents and brain drain is impressing. Enterprises not only lack of qualified management personnel and technical personnel, but also lack of high-quality talents, especially the chief engineer with comprehensive technology, meanwhile, enterprises lack of technical training to the staff, all these factors have restricted the enterprise to develop in the direction of high level.

In conclusion, what the dyeing factory lack is a sense of belonging of the technician, the centripetal force and a series of perfect employment mechanism alike.

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