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20th Anniversary Celebration of World Blood Donor Day: A Tribute to Blood Donation Heroes

20th Anniversary Celebration of World Blood Donor Day: A Tribute to Blood Donation Heroes

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On June 14th, at the special moment of the 20th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day, an event themed "Thank You, Blood Donor" World Blood Donor Day--Voluntary Blood Donation Knowledge Classroom entered HT Fine Chemical Co, Ltd. This event aims to thank the vast number of blood donors for their selfless dedication and to further raise public awareness of the importance of voluntary blood donation.



At the event site, Qingyuan Blood Donation Representative, and HT Fine Chemical Co, Ltd. employee Wang Weicheng was the guest speaker for the event. He gave a detailed explanation of the significance of blood donation, the process, precautions, and the rights enjoyed by blood donors, allowing every listener present to deeply feel the importance and necessity of voluntary blood donation, bringing a vivid and educational blood donation knowledge lecture to the company's employees.


Over the years, Wang Weicheng has donated blood a total of 75 times, with a total donation volume exceeding 21,000 milliliters. Due to his outstanding contribution and excellent performance in the field of voluntary blood donation, he was awarded a special prize at this event. Ms. Wang Caiju, Deputy Director of the Blood Donation Department of Qingyuan Central Blood Station, personally took the stage to present Mr. Wang Weicheng with a certificate, expressing her sincere respect and gratitude for his selfless dedication.


As a co-organizer, HT Fine Chemical Co, Ltd. attached great importance to this blood donation knowledge dissemination event and actively participated in it. To ensure that employees can comprehensively grasp the knowledge of blood donation, we specially assisted the organizer in setting up an interactive Q&A session. Employees enthusiastically participated, actively answering questions, creating an atmosphere that was both lively and vibrant. This session not only reinforced employees' blood donation knowledge but also promoted communication and interaction among them.


We firmly supported the successful holding of this event and promised to continue to engage in public welfare activities such as voluntary blood donation. We believe that through this event, the influence and appeal of voluntary blood donation in the hearts of employees will be further enhanced. At the same time, we look forward to continuing to participate in and promote more public welfare activities in the future, contributing our strength to building a more harmonious society.

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