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List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

  • Silicone Softener Thickener What is Silicone softener thickenerThe silicone softener thickener is also called silicone softener thickener, which can improve the viscosity of the matter, and keep the system in a steady state of s... view
  • Sequestering Agents Definition of sequestering agentSequestering agent, also known as chelating agent, is a complex forming auxiliary chemical with metals such as Iron, Copper, Nickel, Zinc and Magnesium that are present... view
  • Scouring Agent in Textile Definition of scouring agent in textileScouring agent in textile refers to a large number of auxiliaries with functions of emulsifying, penetrating, washing, dispersing and wetting in the scouring pro... view
  • Retard Agent The Basic Principle of Retard AgentCombustion properties of textiles: Under the condition of existing heat source for the vast majority of textile fibers, thermal cracking will happen, then the decomp... view
  • Retard Agent IFR Flame retardant mechanismIntumescent flame retardant is the process of flame retardant through expansion with generally three parts:1. Acid source: also known as dehydrating agent or carbonization age... view
  • Retard Agent Classification According to the elements of flame retardant finishing agent, it can be divided into phosphorus flame retardants, halogen flame retardants, nitrogen flame retardants, boron flame retardants, and their... view
  • Polyethylene Wax Emulsion polyethylene wax emulsion is a soft finishing agent with special function in textile processing. Its main components are low molecular weight polyethylene (molecular weight of 1000 ~ 3000), which is a... view
  • Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Preparation The preparation of polyethylene emulsion have three major steps: splitting, oxidation and emulsification.Splitting: split high pressure low density polyethylene under temperature of 300~400℃ in the c... view

At HT Fine Chemicals, we produce all types of textile auxiliaries for fabric printing, dyeing, finishing and washing industry. Here for the purpose of better understanding and communication, in this category, we accumulate all necessary knowledge and experience related and share with you. Before you buy these chemicals, it's good to have a read. Here is a list of chemicals used in textile industry, and the main talked chemicals about textile pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing and washing process.

Pretreatment Auxiliaries
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Hand Feels Finishing Agent