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List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

List of Chemicals Used in Textile Industry

  • Non Formaldehyde Dye Fixing Agent Definition of non formaldehyde dye fixing agentAt present, color fixing agent can be divided into cationic fixing agent, resin type fixing agent (containing formaldehyde resin type fixing agent contai... view
  • Mercerizing Agent Mercerizing agent is used to deal with wool and cashmere, it can stop textile from being yellowish and is good at removing scale of wool. It is harmless to human body.MercerizingThe process of using c... view
  • Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion Definition of hydroxyl silicone emulsionHydroxyl silicone emulsion can be divided into cationic hydroxyl polysiloxane emulsion and anionic hydroxyl polysiloxane emulsion, according to the differences ... view
  • Hydrophilic Silicone Oil Definition of hydrophilic silicone oilHydrophilic silicone oil is generally introduced into the polysiloxane side chain, which can improve the hydrophilicity and antistatic properties of silicone oil.... view
  • Hydrophilic Antistatic agent Multi Functional Finishing agent- hydrophilic antistatic agentHydrophilic, antistatic and decontamination finishing agent mainly have an effect by providing fiber surface hydrophilization to promote i... view
  • Anti Creasing Agent Classification 1. N-hydroxy-methyl Amide Anti Creasing AgentThe representative products of N-hydroxy-methyl amide anti creasing agent are two hydroxy methyl-dihydroxy cyclic ethyl urea (2D) and Trimethylamine Melami... view
  • Anti Staining Agent Definition of anti staining agentAnti staining agent is a substance that can prevent dyes from coloring in fabrics or in the dyeing and printing process.Classification of anti staining agentAnti stain... view
  • Anti Yellowing Agent Anti Yellowing Agent UsageIn the process of storage and transportation of nylon light fabric, local slight yellowing often occurs, which affects the appearance and quality of fabric. And in this situa... view

At HT Fine Chemicals, we produce all types of textile auxiliaries for fabric printing, dyeing, finishing and washing industry. Here for the purpose of better understanding and communication, in this category, we accumulate all necessary knowledge and experience related and share with you. Before you buy these chemicals, it's good to have a read. Here is a list of chemicals used in textile industry, and the main talked chemicals about textile pretreatment, dyeing, printing, finishing and washing process.

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