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Fine Chemical Products

HT FINE CHEMICAL CO.,LTD is a large scale high-techtextile chemicals manufacturer in China, specialized in textile auxiliary industry for more than 10 years. Textile chemical is mainly divide into pretreatment auxiliary, Dyeing auxiliary, Dyeing auxiliary, Hand feels finishing agent, Functional finishing agent, Auxiliary for denim sizing or garment washing, Auxiliary for Household chemicals etc. HT, as a fine chemical products supplier, owns large workshops with complete manufacturing facilities, strong R & D capacity and inspection labs, with more than 30 reaction kettles and perfect sewage treatment system, all these fine chemicals comply with environmental standards and passed the SGS international certification.

Textile auxiliaries is must chemical in the process of production and processing of textile. Textile auxiliaries for improving the product quality and additional value of textiles as an indispensable important role, it can not only endow textile various special function and style, such as soft, anti-wrinkle, preshrunk, waterproof, antibacterial, antistatic, flame retardant, etc., can also improve the dyeing and finishing process, save energy and reduce processing costs. Textile auxiliary chemical can improve the overall level of textile industry and as a very important role in the textile industry.

Textile auxiliaries for improving the product quality and adding value of textiles have an indispensable effect, which can not only endow textile with various special functions and styles, but also improve the dyeing and finishing process, energy and processing costs saving. In recent years, domestic and foreign textile auxiliary industry and the market is developing rapidly. At present, the industry of textile auxiliaries has not unified classification method, in general, according to the final application can be divided into the pretreatment auxiliaries for textile, printing and dyeing auxiliaries, finishing auxiliaries, as well as some preparation agent listed separately.

Composition: About 80% of textile auxiliaries are made from surfactants, and about 20% are functional auxiliaries.

Common textile auxiliaries chemicals: Scouring agent, dyeing agent, leveling agent, silicone softener, Wet rubbing fastness improver, polyester low temperature dyeing carrier, Alkali substitute, oil remover, silicone spot stripping agent, foaming agent, fixing agent and so on.

To explore more about textile auxiliaries used in textiles and find other textile auxiliaries to buy, please feel free to check thefine chemicals productslist. If you have any doubts, or special requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Smooth Softening Paste HT-188Smooth Softening Paste HT-188February 10, 2017This product USES the non-traditional formula and technology, successfully all kinds of softener characteristics set at an organic whole, with cationic softener excellent and the characteristics of th...Read More
  • Mercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BMercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BFebruary 10, 2017[Brief information] 1.An organic silicone emulsion made from imported organic silicon with excellent stability.2.Excellent smoothness that can use as smoothing agent and lubricant, which can sharply l...Read More
  • Concentrated Silicone SoftenerConcentrated Silicone SoftenerFebruary 10, 2017High concentration can dilute 2-4 times. High concentration product, add water slowly and stir until dissolved evenly.Read More
  • Silicone Oil Emulsifier RHSilicone Oil Emulsifier RHFebruary 10, 2017This product is special emulsifier of amino silicone oil series. Have strong emulsifying ability and a wide range of applicability, after emulsifying by amino silicone oil, the fabric has a good soft effect.Read More
  • Super Anti Stainning Agent FSuper Anti Stainning Agent FFebruary 10, 2017Reserving agent is a kind of outstanding effect prevent dye return dyed auxiliary for cellulose enzyme formula inside control reserving, especially pocket cloth patches. Also can be in enzyme finishing add, do not affect the enzyme activity.Read More
  • Wetting Agent T-60Wetting Agent T-60February 10, 2017Wetting agent is an auxiliary for household chemical with excellent wetting and stripping to dirt as a scouring agent.Read More
  • Wet rubbing fastness improving agent HT-812CWet rubbing fastness improving agent HT-812CJuly 19, 2017[Brief information] HT Fine Chemical specially developed environment-friendly HT812 that improve the product stability of salt & alkali and reduce the structure insufficient of the product.Read More
  • Weightening agent for cotton FUNC HT8114BWeightening agent for cotton FUNC HT8114BDecember 2, 2021Brief information --This product can change the weight reduction or weight reduction of fabrics caused by poor fabric organization or processing process control. This product is resistant to hard wate...Read More
  • Sequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerSequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerFebruary 8, 2017We have a same product, sequestering agent which is liquid. Main composition: Organic sequestering powder; Strong sequestering effect to calcium, magnesium and iron ions.Read More
  • Strong Oil Removing Agent H05Strong Oil Removing Agent H05February 8, 2017Strong oil removing agent mainly use in oil removal and refining of polyester, nylon and other fiber. Also in bath with dyeing .Read More
  • Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071February 9, 2017【Brief information】 1.HT-071 is a brand new alkali substitute by advanced technology of EU and US.2.Amount of HT- 071 is only 1/10 of soda ash, and better washing and rubbing fastness than that of s...Read More
  • Oligomer Inhibitor DF-30Oligomer Inhibitor DF-30February 9, 2017[Main composition] Surfactant compound with content.[General properties]Appearance: Pale transparent liquidIonicity: AnionicSolubility: Easily soluble in water.[Product features]Can preve...Read More
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