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Hand Feels Finishing Agent

Hand Feels Finishing Agent

The chemical softening is the softening agent on the fabric softening method. Effect of softening agent is to reduce yarn fabric, friction between the friction between the fibers and fabrics and the human body. Feel consolidation is to improve or get the fabric all feel as stiff, soft finishing.

The hand feels of Fabric is a kind of comprehensive reaction caused by some physical and mechanical properties of fabrics by hand and skin tone, people on the fabric handle with different fabrics. The use of fiber and fabric hand feeling. Including fiber and fabric thickness, apparent specific gravity surface smoothness, touch, cold, feel soft and the degree of comprehensive factors. The finishing chemicals in textile are widely used in textile industry, which is very important for all the fabrics. Hand feels finishing agent is mainly included Softener series, Smoothing series, Silicone emulsion series, Silicone oil series etc.
  • Low Hydrogen Silicone Oil DH-018Low Hydrogen Silicone Oil DH-018February 10, 2017This product is colorless transparent oily liquid, non-toxic and insipidity, due to the molecule contains active Si - H key, under the action of catalyst, can reactive with double bond, such as hydrox...Read More
  • Silicone Softener with Cool Hand Feels HT-266BSilicone Softener with Cool Hand Feels HT-266BFebruary 10, 2017This product is suitable for all kinds of fabric soft finish, after clear up, the fabric has super soft, smooth and silk feel.【Main composition】 Special high molecular weight amino silicone oil micr...Read More
  • Quaternized Amino Silicone Oil JAQuaternized Amino Silicone Oil JAFebruary 10, 2017Quaternary silicone oil is the special textile softener which developed by organic silicone modified technology. modified traditional amino silicone oil through quaternization reagent, with new modifi...Read More
  • Terpolymer Silicone Softener SRTerpolymer Silicone Softener SRFebruary 10, 2017This product is the special textile softener which is developed by the most advanced organic silicone modified technology. It has brand new Modified organic silicon chemistry structure, coupled with d...Read More
  • Hydrophilic Soft & Smooth Silicone Oil 6038ACHydrophilic Soft & Smooth Silicone Oil 6038ACJune 6, 2017[Brief information]Hydrophilic soft & smooth silicone oil is an excellent high-grade soft hydrophilic finishing agent. At room temperature, it is quite stable in acidic and alkaline conditions; pH is ...Read More
  • Hydrophilic Silicone Softener for Nylon SR-20Hydrophilic Silicone Softener for Nylon SR-20February 10, 2017This product is a new organic silicone polymer which is preparative by latest synthetic method, double modified functional groups, organic silicon combination technology. SR-200 mainly use for artific...Read More
  • Silicone oil for woven fabric HT-3317Silicone oil for woven fabric HT-3317July 21, 2017Brief information--HT-3317 is special for soft, mainly used for hand finishing for cotton woven cotton printing, linen woven, denim.--After finishing, the fabric has fluffy, soft slip and very good se...Read More
  • Elastic Silicone Emulsion for Nylon 3261BElastic Silicone Emulsion for Nylon 3261BFebruary 10, 20171. Low yellowing; 2. After processing the fabric feel smooth, and have excellent elastic style; 3. Good chemical stability;Read More
  • Hydrophilic silicone oil HT-6040Hydrophilic silicone oil HT-6040July 21, 2017[Brief information]-- Hydrophilic silicone oil 6040 is the use of new synthetic technique for the synthesis of modified hydrophilic soft finishing agent. In normal temperature, 6040 are fairly stable ...Read More
  • Hydrophilicity Silicone Softeners for Textiles A220Hydrophilicity Silicone Softeners for Textiles A220June 6, 2017[Brief information]-- A quaternary modified softening agent with terpolymer structure and excellent hydrophilicity.-- Hydrophilicity silicone is very stable in acid and weak alkali condition at normal...Read More
  • Hydrophilic Silicone Oil HT-38AHydrophilic Silicone Oil HT-38AJune 12, 2018Brief information--It is a high-grade soft finishing agent with excellent hydrophilicity. --At room temperature, it is quite stable in acidic and alkaline conditions.--When pH is lower than 8, it give...Read More
  • Hydrophobic Silicone Oil HT-89Hydrophobic Silicone Oil HT-89June 12, 2018Brief information-- It is a soft, slipping, ice sense silicone oil, suitable for all kinds of fabric's fluffy and soft finishing, after finishing, the fabric has fluffy, soft, smooth, especially suita...Read More
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