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Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment auxiliary is mainly included auxiliary for cotton and its blends, auxiliary for polyester and other general auxiliaries.

The proper pretreatment is very important for textile dyeing and finishing, especially in recent years, customers and consumers strict in dyeing and printing products increasingly, such as color, color fastness, appearance, shrinkage, feeling, more highlights the importance of pretreatment. The main purpose is to make suitable for pretreatment of textile dyeing and printing, and has good uniformity and reproduction, and reduce the reparation dyes, additives and water, energy consumption, improve the rate of manufactured goods, reduce the manpower.

Used in order to eliminate the use of natural or man-made impurity on the fabric, and give full play of the excellent characteristics of fabric, such as white, soft and good permeability, to adapt to the needs of the subsequent process, the pretreatment auxiliaries mainly include wetting agent, penetrant agent, bleach, cleaning agent and so on.

Textile pretreatment chemicals as one part of textile auxiliary chemicals is the first step of textile treatment which is the purpose of removing slurry, oil, wax, and pectin etc impurity, improving absorbent and whiteness of the fabric, and to improve the hand feeling, so as to meet the requirement of subsequent dyeing and finishing process. Pretreatment auxiliaries chemicals can effectively solve the problems.

  • Scouring AgentScouring AgentFebruary 8, 2017Scouring gent confers good whiteness, capillary effect and soft hand feels to the fabrics.Read More
  • Reduction Clearing Agent for Polyester HT-WReduction Clearing Agent for Polyester HT-WJune 6, 2017[Brief information] -- This product is a new generation of reduction clearing agent for polyester in disperse dyes. Used to replace the traditional insurance powder alkaline reduction cleaning method....Read More
  • Bio-polishing Enzyme QM-111Bio-polishing Enzyme QM-111February 8, 2017【Main composition】Cellulosic enzyme compound 【General properties】 Appearance: Brown liquidpH: 4.5-5.0【Product features】 Effectively remove exposed the pale and yarn end, improve the fabric ...Read More
  • Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent HT-818Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent HT-818June 6, 2017[Brief information]-- Original wet rubbing fastness improving agent is poor deep dyeing for direct, reactive,indigo blue and sulfur dyestuffs, especially for dark black, bright red and turquoise blue whos...Read More
  • Acid Releasing Agent for Textile Chemical ADCAcid Releasing Agent for Textile Chemical ADCFebruary 8, 2017Release agent is a compound of polymeric organic acid with outstanding wetting, sequestering, dispersing and buffering, which is mainly used for pretreatment, mercerizing, alkali neutralization after ...Read More
  • Hydrophilic Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent for Polyester QG-200Hydrophilic Formaldehyde Free Fixing Agent for Polyester QG-200June 6, 2017[Brief information ] Hydrophilic formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyeing that obviously improves various fabric fastness. [Main composition ] --Polycationic compound.[General properties ] -...Read More
  • Scouring Enzyme SMScouring Enzyme SMFebruary 8, 2017【Main composition】Efficient enzyme compound【General properties】 Appearance: white to light yellow granule, pH: 11.5 ± 1 (1% solution), Solubility: easily soluble in water【Product features】 Brand ...Read More
  • Peroxide Killer RSPeroxide Killer RSFebruary 8, 2017High-enriched hydrogen peroxide clastic enzyme can remove the hydrogen which stay in fabrics after bleaching effectively .Also can save water, energy and time as same as environment protection.【Main ...Read More
  • Alkali resistant scouring agent 1042PAlkali resistant scouring agent 1042PJuly 21, 2017[Main composition]-- Compound of various surfactants.[General properties]-- Appearance: Light yellow paste-- Ionicity: anionic/nonionic-- Stability: stable to electrolytes, oxidants and 180 g/L of NaO...Read More
  • Sequestering Agent In Textile ProcessSequestering Agent In Textile ProcessAugust 3, 2017Auxiliaries for continuons process sequestering agent [Main composition]-- Polymer. [Sequestering agent in textile process General properties]-- Appearance: pale transparent liquid-- Ionicity: nonioni...Read More
  • Pectinease HT-M1202Pectinease HT-M1202June 12, 2018Brief informationThis product is neutral liquid pectate lyase, the enzyme belongs to the carbon-oxygen lyases in polysaccharides. By pectinase biorefining, the pectin can be efficiently hydrolyzed int...Read More
  • Soft Enzyme HT-M1206Soft Enzyme HT-M1206June 12, 2018Brief information--It is a special biological enzyme, which belongs to carbon and oxygen lyase which acts on polysaccharide and can act on the pectin and cellulose in cotton fiber simultaneously.--It ...Read More
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