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Fixing Agent

Fixing Agent

Fixing agent is one of the important textile auxiliaries in dyeing and printing industry, which can improve the color fastness of dye in fabric. On the fabric, it can form insoluble colored material with dye, thus to improve the color of washing, perspiration fastness, and sometimes can improve its sun fastness.

In recent years, with the development of science and technology, dyeing and finishing technology has also been significantly improved. Due to the expansion of international textile trade and the improvement of people's living standards and environmental awareness, it's more required of textiles comfort, clean and safety. Since the 1970s, Germany first launched the "Blue Angel" plan, the world's developed countries (Japan, the United States, etc.) have passed and implemented the related laws, regulations, and rules for the various indicators of textiles. Green textiles require that in the printing and dyeing process prohibit the use of carcinogenic, teratogenic, poor biodegradability of poor and some aromatic amine intermediates banned in the regulations. At the same time, the use of additives not contain heavy metal ions and not producing free formaldehyde is also required, which means the use of "green auxiliaries”.

The commonly used color fixing agent for dyeing and printing in textile has cationic fixing agent, such as Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Cetylpyridinium Bromide; fixing agent Y; polyamine contraction (silk fixing agent la); crosslinking fixing agent; non formaldehyde dye fixing agent, and phenolic sulfonate formaldehyde condensate used for nylon (polyamide) fabrics instead of tannin as fixing agents.

Take the fixing agent y as an example: After adding the quantitative double cyanide amine to the atmospheric pressure reaction kettle to dissolve, in order to quantify the formaldehyde solution in the constant agitation slowly drops into the reactor, finally uses the ammonium chloride neutralization, produces the certain solid quantity transparent viscous liquid to be the finished product. This method produces the formaldehyde fixing agent, the solid color effect is good but there is free formaldehyde pollution problem, which is now banned in many products.

Non formaldehyde dye fixing agent example: two ethylene amine or trichloroethylene four amine aqueous solution added to the reaction kettle to stir, with quantitative epoxy chloride propane, insulation reflux stirring until the production of a light yellow transparent viscous liquid, which is the final product.
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