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Finishing Process

Finishing Process

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The finishing process technology level is an important process to improve the level of knitting products. Through the advanced finishing processing, make the fabric's hand feeling good, the elasticity high, cloth surface clean, the grain clear and straight, and the reduction rate low. According to the customer's requirement, some products also carry out special function finishing, such as anti-ultraviolet finishing, antibacterial finishing, far-infrared finishing, anti-static finishing, anti-fouling, moisture absorption and quick drying etc.


The back finishing of knitted fabrics has two technological routes: one is the circular cylinder, the second is the coexistence of cylinder and slitting open width, these two kinds of processing forms all has its own characteristics. The cylinder processed fabric is suitable for underwear products. It should be used for overfeeding strong size enlarging, loose tension-free drying and separated supporting plate overfeeding tapered preshrinking machine. It is best to go by tentering felt preshrinking process after the slitting products went through tenter setting, this can effectively solve the problems such as shrinkage rate, fabric surface finish and hand feeling.

To sum up, the development trend of knitted fabric dyeing and finishing technology must head for the direction of cleaning, effective short process, one-off success and open width processing. Facilitated by dyeing and finishing machinery, electronic automatic control, fine chemical engineering, personnel education training and the development of information engineering, The new technology of knitting dyeing and finishing in our country will certain to walk in the forefront of the world.
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