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About Us

About Us

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd (be called for short "HT"), founded in year 2005, is a large scale high-tech printing & dyeing auxiliaries manufacturer in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province,China. We have specialized in textile auxiliary chemical for more than 10 years, combines R&D, Production, Sales and Service together.

HT owns large workshops with complete manufacturing facilities and strong R&D capability and inspection labs, and with more than 30 reaction kettles and perfect sewage treatment system, all our products comply with environmental standards, and HT has passed the SGS international certification testing by the third party.

HT's main products include formaldehyde free fixing agent, acid fixing agent, multi-scouring enzyme, sequestering agent (CT powder), heat sublimation fastness improving agent, wet rubbing fastness improver, soaping agent, ice cool silicone softener, terpolymer silicone softener, brightening lubricant, softener, etc.

HT in line with the aim of the good faith management, we are willing to provide a variety of ways of cooperation (Including the valet processing, incoming sample made and peer exchange advantage products etc.). By virtue of continued technological innovation and product development, HT has partnered with our customers to define the best products, and provide technological guidance and satisfy customers' requirement while minimizing manufacturing cost.

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd is a fine chemical industry company specializing in the production of printing and dyeing auxiliaries, washing water additives, chemical raw materials. The company ensures higher-quality product than the relevant product standards through the establishment of sound internal quality control system.

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd mainly produces the following six series of products:

1. knitting and yarn pretreatment auxiliaries

2. dyeing auxiliaries

3. hand feels finishing auxiliaries

4. functional finishing agent

5. auxiliaries for denim sizing and washing

6. auxiliaries for household chemical fertilizer

HF have more than fifty reaction kettle and sewage treatment system to meet the requirements of the state environmental protection:

environmental protection

reaction kettle and sewage treatment system

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd has more than one hundred and twenty employees, including30% of technical and r&d team.

HT employees

HF has strong research and development, product research and application development department:

product research and application development department

product research and application development department

In order to meet the production requirements of the growing, in 2016, on the basis of the original building, HF has built a new office building:

HF has built a new office building

In order to enrich employees amateur life and enhance the spirit of cooperation between employees, the company organize staff travel every year:

staff travel every year

Pretreatment Auxiliaries
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Hand Feels Finishing Agent