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Other General Auxiliaries

Other General Auxiliaries

  • Quick high-temperature leveling agent HH-85KQuick high-temperature leveling agent HH-85KFebruary 8, 2017Biological based color fixing agent, renewable, free of bisphenol, phenol, formaldehyde, and meets various environmental requirements. After treatment, the color fastness to washing and sweating of the treated fabric is greatly improved​.Read More
  • Defoaming Agent 910Defoaming Agent 910February 8, 2017Directly add HT-910 into the foaming system to guarantee its even dispersing. According to the system that has a higher foaming system (>60℃), it is suggested to add HT- 910 in the system before 60℃ to ensure its best performance with even dispersing.Read More
  • Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025February 8, 2017HT-1025 is a special bath anti-creasing agent, which efficiently reduces the friction between fibres and fibres-dyeing tank that prevents creases or scratches, due to its smoothing and softening effec...Read More
  • Textile Detergent 209Textile Detergent 209February 8, 2017The main component of textile detergent is a surfactant. The surfactant is a kind of organic compounds that contain both hydrophilic and lipophilic group in the molecular structure.Read More
  • Scouring wetting agent HT-6006AScouring wetting agent HT-6006AMarch 11, 2021Brief information-- Suitable for scouring bleaching and oil removing of various fabrics for pretreatment. Effectively removed grease , wax , oil, and can have the perfect processing effect. Main compo...Read More
  • Detergent HT-90HDetergent HT-90HFebruary 1, 2024It is used for pre-treatment, scouring, bleaching and degreasing of various fabrics. It can effectively remove grease, wax and various spinning finishes on the fabrics and obtain ideal processing results.Read More
  • TDS for Detergent HT-1079TDS for Detergent HT-1079March 11, 2021Main composition-- Surfactants and other complexes.General properties-- Appearance: White and yellowish emulsion -- Ionicity: Anionic /Nonionic -- pH(1%): 5±1 -- Stability: Resist to acid, alkali, el...Read More
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