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Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment Auxiliaries

Pretreatment auxiliary is mainly included auxiliary for cotton and its blends, auxiliary for polyester and other general auxiliaries.

The proper pretreatment is very important for textile dyeing and finishing, especially in recent years, customers and consumers strict in dyeing and printing products increasingly, such as color, color fastness, appearance, shrinkage, feeling, more highlights the importance of pretreatment. The main purpose is to make suitable for pretreatment of textile dyeing and printing, and has good uniformity and reproduction, and reduce the reparation dyes, additives and water, energy consumption, improve the rate of manufactured goods, reduce the manpower.

Used in order to eliminate the use of natural or man-made impurity on the fabric, and give full play of the excellent characteristics of fabric, such as white, soft and good permeability, to adapt to the needs of the subsequent process, the pretreatment auxiliaries mainly include wetting agent, penetrant agent, bleach, cleaning agent and so on.

Textile pretreatment chemicals as one part of textile auxiliary chemicals is the first step of textile treatment which is the purpose of removing slurry, oil, wax, and pectin etc impurity, improving absorbent and whiteness of the fabric, and to improve the hand feeling, so as to meet the requirement of subsequent dyeing and finishing process. Pretreatment auxiliaries chemicals can effectively solve the problems.

  • Scouring Agent of Cotton FabricScouring Agent of Cotton FabricJune 6, 2017[Brief information]--It is widely used in textile processing. It has good emulsification, dispersion, penetration ability, can remove all kinds of dirt fabric, grease substance, floating color.[Main c...Read More
  • Quick high-temperature leveling agent HH-85KQuick high-temperature leveling agent HH-85KFebruary 8, 2017Biological based color fixing agent, renewable, free of bisphenol, phenol, formaldehyde, and meets various environmental requirements. After treatment, the color fastness to washing and sweating of the treated fabric is greatly improved​.Read More
  • Defoaming Agent 910Defoaming Agent 910February 8, 2017Directly add HT-910 into the foaming system to guarantee its even dispersing. According to the system that has a higher foaming system (>60℃), it is suggested to add HT- 910 in the system before 60℃ to ensure its best performance with even dispersing.Read More
  • Low Temperature Scouring Agent in Textile HT-DJ133Low Temperature Scouring Agent in Textile HT-DJ133June 6, 2017[Main composition]-- Surfactant compound.[General properties]-- Appearance: colorless to pale liquid-- Ionicity: nonionic--pH: 3-5(1% solution)--Solubility: easily soluble in water--Stability: stable...Read More
  • Wax Removing Agent 1012BWax Removing Agent 1012BFebruary 8, 2017Wax removing agent, also call wax cleaning agent, when cotton textiles appear wax spot, will appear water repellent and dye repellent, then result in a variety of problems and irreparable defect, seri...Read More
  • Oil Removing Agent / Oil Paint RemoverOil Removing Agent / Oil Paint RemoverFebruary 8, 2017【Main composition】Various surfactant compounds【General properties】Appearance: Pale translucent to transparent liquid Ionicity: Nonionic Solubility: easily soluble in waterRead More
  • Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025Bath Anticreasing Agent 1025February 8, 2017HT-1025 is a special bath anti-creasing agent, which efficiently reduces the friction between fibres and fibres-dyeing tank that prevents creases or scratches, due to its smoothing and softening effec...Read More
  • Sequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerSequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerFebruary 8, 2017We have a same product, sequestering agent which is liquid. Main composition: Organic sequestering powder; Strong sequestering effect to calcium, magnesium and iron ions.Read More
  • Strong Oil Removing Agent H05Strong Oil Removing Agent H05February 8, 2017Strong oil removing agent mainly use in oil removal and refining of polyester, nylon and other fiber. Also in bath with dyeing .Read More
  • Textile Detergent 209Textile Detergent 209February 8, 2017The main component of textile detergent is a surfactant. The surfactant is a kind of organic compounds that contain both hydrophilic and lipophilic group in the molecular structure.Read More
  • Peroxide Stabilizer CWPeroxide Stabilizer CWFebruary 8, 2017【Main composition】 Special polymeric compounds. 【General properties】 Appearance: white powderIonicity: nonionicStability: stable to alkali and electrolytes【Product features】 Peroxide stabiliz...Read More
  • Alkali Deweighting Accelerator Q-12Alkali Deweighting Accelerator Q-12February 8, 2017Special cationic active agent, Suitable to all alkali-minimization accelerant of polyester fiber and achieved energy-efficient and complied to environment protection requirement.Read More
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