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Smoothing Series

Smoothing Series

Silicone smoothing agent, is a kind of excellent soft, smooth, bright, environmentally friendly water-based silicone emulsion texture, is a new generation of high-end textile softening agent. Smoothing auxiliaries can endow the fabric with excellent soft and smooth hand feeling. Applicable to all kinds of manufactured fiber goods. Our hot sales products of smoothing chemicals are included Mercerizing smoothing agent, Oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion, Mercerizing smoothing agent for wool, Emulsified wax and Yarn lubricant etc..

Firstly speaking, textile smoothing agent has many good features, such as excellent glossiness, wet rub resistance, flexibility, strong adhesion, waterproof and dirt resistance, quick drying, high and low temperature resistance, smooth hand feeling, tasteless and nontoxic, etc. Currently, the popular smoothing chemicals are mainly used for wool, other animal fiber and blended textile. Smoothing agent can be emulsified itself without oil stains on the fabric, which is not available for products containing pure silk. Smoothing agent can be used with cationic softening agent and crease resistant resin at the same time, especially suitable for padding and immersion process. Its ionic properties are weakly positive with excellent super smooth feeling and finishing properties. Therefore, it is especially suitable for smooth handling of wool garments and yarns. 

The main functions of the smoothing agent are: 

1. Strengthen the tear strength of fabric and improve the elasticity of fabric;
2. Excellent dilution stability and shear stability;
3. Enhance the stretch and shape recovery of the fabric;
4. Substantially improve anti-wrinkle resistance, water and dry cleaning resistance, electrolyte and hard water resistance;
5. Give the fabric superior soft and smooth effect. 
  • Mercerizing Smoothing Agent 3162CMercerizing Smoothing Agent 3162CFebruary 10, 2017This product dedicated to polyester, polyester superfine, mercerized yarn, garment mercerizing treatment of fabric such as light smooth finishing agent, can give smooth, fluffy, soft, light, delicate ...Read More
  • Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Emulsion T21Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Emulsion T21February 10, 2017[Main composition] Oxidized polyethylene wax compound with emulsion[General properties] Appearance:yellow translucent thick liquidIonicity: the ionpH: 8 – 10Solubility:soluble in waterStability:stabl...Read More
  • Mercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BMercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BFebruary 10, 2017[Brief information] 1.An organic silicone emulsion made from imported organic silicon with excellent stability.2.Excellent smoothness that can use as smoothing agent and lubricant, which can sharply l...Read More
  • Emulsified Wax 3156Emulsified Wax 3156February 10, 2017Yarn smoothing agent for cotton 3156B is paraffin smoothing agent and mainly use in yarn which make of all kinds of fibre. Replace waxing of solid paraffin thoroughly, waxing equality and integrated c...Read More
  • Yarn lubricant PG-20Yarn lubricant PG-20February 10, 2017[Brief information]1.An organosilicon top grade smoothing and softening – agent can give excellent smoothing and softening effect and suit to mixture fabrics and natural fabric of cotton, fibra.2....Read More
  • Yarn Smoothing AgentYarn Smoothing AgentJune 6, 2017[Brief information]--An organosilicon top grade smoothing and softening – agent can give excellent smoothing and softening effect and suit to mixture fabrics and natural fabric of cotton, fiber.--...Read More
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