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Auxiliaries for Cotton and Its Blends

Auxiliaries for Cotton and Its Blends

The cotton and its blends, also known as cotton, is a kind of woven fabric made of cotton yarn, which is one of the most commonly textile fabrics in clothing industry.

Cotton fabric manufacturing including spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing. The Spinning and weaving process is putting the textile fiber processed into yarn and fabric dyeing by machine, and finishing to reprocessing cotton fabric products by chemical and physical method of mechanical part. It can improve the performance of fibers and its products and improve its appearance by finishing processing. Therefore, textile agent and auxiliary chemicals is an indispensable part in textile industry. During finishing process, there is a pretreatment of textile fabric. You have to use good cotton chemistry and achieve good performances.

HT fine chemical products can meet your requirements, chemicals used in cotton production such as wax removing agent, sequestering powder CT, water softener, peroxide stabilizer, scouring agent, bio-polishing enzyme, acid releasing agent for textile chemical, scouring enzyme, peroxide killer etc. All of these cotton chemistry products are safe and environmental protection. We are the manufacturer of auxiliaries for cotton and its blends, we can supply best chemical auxiliary agent.

  • Scouring Agent of Cotton FabricScouring Agent of Cotton FabricJune 6, 2017[Brief information]--It is widely used in textile processing. It has good emulsification, dispersion, penetration ability, can remove all kinds of dirt fabric, grease substance, floating color.[Main c...Read More
  • Low Temperature Scouring Agent in Textile HT-DJ133Low Temperature Scouring Agent in Textile HT-DJ133June 6, 2017[Main composition]-- Surfactant compound.[General properties]-- Appearance: colorless to pale liquid-- Ionicity: nonionic--pH: 3-5(1% solution)--Solubility: easily soluble in water--Stability: stable...Read More
  • Wax Removing Agent 1012BWax Removing Agent 1012BFebruary 8, 2017Wax removing agent, also call wax cleaning agent, when cotton textiles appear wax spot, will appear water repellent and dye repellent, then result in a variety of problems and irreparable defect, seri...Read More
  • Sequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerSequestering Powder CT / Water SoftenerFebruary 8, 2017We have a same product, sequestering agent which is liquid. Main composition: Organic sequestering powder; Strong sequestering effect to calcium, magnesium and iron ions.Read More
  • Peroxide Stabilizer CWPeroxide Stabilizer CWFebruary 8, 2017【Main composition】 Special polymeric compounds. 【General properties】 Appearance: white powderIonicity: nonionicStability: stable to alkali and electrolytes【Product features】 Peroxide stabiliz...Read More
  • Scouring AgentScouring AgentFebruary 8, 2017Scouring gent confers good whiteness, capillary effect and soft hand feels to the fabrics.Read More
  • Bio-polishing Enzyme QM-111Bio-polishing Enzyme QM-111February 8, 2017【Main composition】Cellulosic enzyme compound 【General properties】 Appearance: Brown liquidpH: 4.5-5.0【Product features】 Effectively remove exposed the pale and yarn end, improve the fabric ...Read More
  • Acid Releasing Agent for Textile Chemical ADCAcid Releasing Agent for Textile Chemical ADCFebruary 8, 2017Release agent is a compound of polymeric organic acid with outstanding wetting, sequestering, dispersing and buffering, which is mainly used for pretreatment, mercerizing, alkali neutralization after ...Read More
  • Scouring Enzyme SMScouring Enzyme SMFebruary 8, 2017【Main composition】Efficient enzyme compound【General properties】 Appearance: white to light yellow granule, pH: 11.5 ± 1 (1% solution), Solubility: easily soluble in water【Product features】 Brand ...Read More
  • Peroxide Killer RSPeroxide Killer RSFebruary 8, 2017High-enriched hydrogen peroxide clastic enzyme can remove the hydrogen which stay in fabrics after bleaching effectively .Also can save water, energy and time as same as environment protection.【Main ...Read More
  • Alkali resistant scouring agent 1042PAlkali resistant scouring agent 1042PJuly 21, 2017[Main composition]-- Compound of various surfactants.[General properties]-- Appearance: Light yellow paste-- Ionicity: anionic/nonionic-- Stability: stable to electrolytes, oxidants and 180 g/L of NaO...Read More
  • Sequestering Agent In Textile ProcessSequestering Agent In Textile ProcessAugust 3, 2017Auxiliaries for continuons process sequestering agent [Main composition]-- Polymer. [Sequestering agent in textile process General properties]-- Appearance: pale transparent liquid-- Ionicity: nonioni...Read More
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