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Auxiliaries for Denim Sizing or Garment Washing

Auxiliaries for Denim Sizing or Garment Washing

Garment washing process is a special process in the clothing process and treatment. The effect of water washing getting more and more popular, garment washing chemicals and sizing chemicals are widely used in all kinds of clothing & garments, especially the emergence of some new methods of washing, especially in daily life adds luster.

Garment Washing Chemical Application range:

1, Woven cotton denim or blended denim made jeans, denim jacket, this is our most common garment washing plant.

2, Pure cotton or cotton blended woven making casual trousers, casual jacket, which is now in our washing garment washing factory is more common, such as anti-wrinkle trousers, shirts and so on.

3, Knitted pure cotton or cotton blended fabric made of casual clothing, which should be based on customer requirements to determine whether or not to wash.

4, In short, the washing clothes are generally pure natural fabrics and blended natural fabric clothing.


1, The stability of clothing is enhanced by washing water, can shrink in advance, so that the size of stability

2, The appearance of clothing increased through different washing methods, can wash out the effects of color and texture, and deeply love the people, the added value of clothing increased.

  • Desizing EnzymeDesizing EnzymeAugust 2, 2017Desizing enzyme not only make dyes desizing completely, but also have no damage effect on fiber, thus achieving the best effect in the dyeing process. Only focus on the decomposition of starch size an...Read More
  • Penetrant for Denim Sizing BAPenetrant for Denim Sizing BAFebruary 10, 2017【Main composition】 Surfactant compound【General properties】 Appearance:light color paste Ionicity: anion/nonionic Stability: be able to bear alkali, electrolyte and solid...Read More
  • Super Retarding Agent HSuper Retarding Agent HFebruary 10, 2017Reserving block H because it’s contain special macromolecular structure, with complex and disperse dye molecule, a variety of surface active agent has cooperative effect, its super reserving effect i...Read More
  • Super Anti Stainning Agent FSuper Anti Stainning Agent FFebruary 10, 2017Reserving agent is a kind of outstanding effect prevent dye return dyed auxiliary for cellulose enzyme formula inside control reserving, especially pocket cloth patches. Also can be in enzyme finishing add, do not affect the enzyme activity.Read More
  • Fixing Agent YFixing Agent YFebruary 10, 2017This product is mainly used in direct, acid soluble dyes printing or all kinds of dyeing fabric, with fixing agent after treatment can improve the soap wash, wash, sweat stain, water immersion, fricti...Read More
  • Light Smoothing Agent 5263BLight Smoothing Agent 5263BFebruary 10, 2017This product dedicated to cowboy washed, suitable for polyester, polyester superfine, mercerized yarn, garment mercerizing treatment of fabric such as light smooth finishing agent, can give smooth, fl...Read More
  • Alkali-resistant Penetrant OK 808Alkali-resistant Penetrant OK 808February 10, 2017【Main composition】 Surfactant compound【General properties】 Appearance: light color pasteIonicity: Anion/ NonionicStability: Be able to bear of alkali (150gNaOH/l), electrolyte and solid wate...Read More
  • Eco Detergent 1123GEco Detergent 1123GFebruary 10, 2017【Brief information】 1.Widely use in textile pretreatment and washing process with excellent emulsification, dispersibility and wetting.2.Removes dirt, oils and unfixed dyes in fabrics.3.Improves was...Read More
  • Cationic Modifying Agent GX608BCationic Modifying Agent GX608BFebruary 10, 2017【Brief information】 1.Mainly for garment pigment dyeing and one bath dyeing with direct and reactive dyestuffs.2.Confers soft hand feels and bright shades.3.Achieves ageing style of denim after norm...Read More
  • Enzyme Powder NZSEnzyme Powder NZSFebruary 10, 2017【Main composition】 Cellulase compound.【General properties】 Appearance:off-white granulepH:6 – 7 (1% solution)Solubility:easily soluble in water【Product features】 1.Neutral cellulose enzyme wi...Read More
  • Enzyme JS-100Enzyme JS-100February 10, 2017【Main composition】 Cellulase.【General properties】 Appearance:brown liquidpH:4.5 – 5【Product features】 1.Efficiently removes fluff and yarn ends.2.Improves fabric hand feels and brightness, as...Read More
  • Cationic Modifying Agent GX680B-Dyestuffs CosolventCationic Modifying Agent GX680B-Dyestuffs CosolventJune 6, 2017【Brief information】-- Mainly for garment pigment dyeing and one bath dyeing with direct and reactive dyestuffs.-- Confers soft hand feels and bright shades.-- Achieves ageing style of denim after no...Read More
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