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Auxiliaries for Polyester

Auxiliaries for Polyester

Pretreatment auxiliary is mainly included auxiliary for cotton and its blends, auxiliary for polyester and other general auxiliaries. Polyester is characteristic of good air permeability and moisture. There is a strong acid and alkali resistance, resistance to ultraviolet light. In daily life is very much a fabric, its biggest advantage is wrinkle resistance and shape retention is very good. There are many kinds of polyester fiber fabrics, in addition to weaving pure polyester fabric, there are many and various textile fiber blended or interwoven products, make up the shortage of pure polyester fabric, play a better performance. As a main fabric of garment, polyester auxiliaries is a very important pretreatment auxiliaries. And our top sale chemical for polyester is Oil removing agent, Strong oil removing agent, and Alkali deweighting accelerator etc.

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