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Hand Feels Finishing Agent

Hand Feels Finishing Agent

The chemical softening is the softening agent on the fabric softening method. Effect of softening agent is to reduce yarn fabric, friction between the friction between the fibers and fabrics and the human body. Feel consolidation is to improve or get the fabric all feel as stiff, soft finishing.

The hand feels of Fabric is a kind of comprehensive reaction caused by some physical and mechanical properties of fabrics by hand and skin tone, people on the fabric handle with different fabrics. The use of fiber and fabric hand feeling. Including fiber and fabric thickness, apparent specific gravity surface smoothness, touch, cold, feel soft and the degree of comprehensive factors. The finishing chemicals in textile are widely used in textile industry, which is very important for all the fabrics. Hand feels finishing agent is mainly included Softener series, Smoothing series, Silicone emulsion series, Silicone oil series etc.
  • Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357Terpolymer Silicone Softener HT-357June 6, 2017[Brief information]-- A brand new weakly cationic softener that can biodegrade without toxic or stimulation, which is a recognized green product.-- A concentrated hydrophilic softener to replace softe...Read More
  • Softening Agent HR-100Softening Agent HR-100February 10, 2017Softening agent is suitable for all kinds of fabric soft treatment, find cheap softening agent auxiliary at Ht fine chemical.Read More
  • Mercerizing Smoothing Agent 3162CMercerizing Smoothing Agent 3162CFebruary 10, 2017This product dedicated to polyester, polyester superfine, mercerized yarn, garment mercerizing treatment of fabric such as light smooth finishing agent, can give smooth, fluffy, soft, light, delicate ...Read More
  • Shearing Stable Silicone Softener HT-688Shearing Stable Silicone Softener HT-688February 10, 2017As a high-grade hydrophilic softening agent, Silicone softener HT – 688B is a three component copolymer of silicone oil modified with quaternary ammonium salt. It is especially suitable for use in je...Read More
  • Piperazine Silicone Oil PT23Piperazine Silicone Oil PT23February 10, 2017This product is piperazine modified silicone oil and emulsion, its side chain contains secondary amine and tertiary amine group, this kind of special structure to make it used for cotton, linen, wool ...Read More
  • Whitening Softener HR-600Whitening Softener HR-600February 10, 2017Mainly used for cotton, polyester/cotton bleaching and whitening textile softening.[Main composition]Hydroxy silicone emulsion.[General properties] Appearance:        white emulsionIonicity:    ...Read More
  • Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Emulsion T21Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Emulsion T21February 10, 2017[Main composition] Oxidized polyethylene wax compound with emulsion[General properties] Appearance:yellow translucent thick liquidIonicity: the ionpH: 8 – 10Solubility:soluble in waterStability:stabl...Read More
  • Super Soft Silicone Softener 3162Super Soft Silicone Softener 3162February 10, 2017Suitable for various fabrics with super soft, smooth and silky hand feels.[Main composition] Special macromolecule amino silicone micro-emulsion.[General properties] Appearance:colourless or pale tran...Read More
  • Amino Smooth Silicone Oil T30BAmino Smooth Silicone Oil T30BFebruary 10, 2017This product used for soft processing, it is easy to be emulsion into stable microemulsion, giving cotton, woven cotton and knitwear with softness and smooth feeling.Read More
  • Smooth Softening Paste HT-188Smooth Softening Paste HT-188February 10, 2017This product USES the non-traditional formula and technology, successfully all kinds of softener characteristics set at an organic whole, with cationic softener excellent and the characteristics of th...Read More
  • Mercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BMercerizing Smoothing Agent for Wool 3276BFebruary 10, 2017[Brief information] 1.An organic silicone emulsion made from imported organic silicon with excellent stability.2.Excellent smoothness that can use as smoothing agent and lubricant, which can sharply l...Read More
  • Concentrated Silicone SoftenerConcentrated Silicone SoftenerFebruary 10, 2017High concentration can dilute 2-4 times. High concentration product, add water slowly and stir until dissolved evenly.Read More
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Hand Feels Finishing Agent