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Auxiliaries for Acrylic

Auxiliaries for Acrylic

Dyeing auxiliaries is mainly included auxiliary for cotton, auxiliaries for polyester, auxiliaries for wool and nylon, auxiliaries for acrylic etc. Properties of acrylic fiber is wool, so called "synthetic wool", widely used in clothing, decoration, industry and other fields. Acrylic fabric is widely accepted as it has not only the similar soft, fluffy feel with wool fabric, but also with bright color.

The most commonly used dyeing for acrylic fabric is cationic dyeing, which has the advantage of brighter color and better fastness. A variety of auxiliaries for acrylic is needed in the printing and dyeing process in order to ensure the quality, such as acrylic retarding agent, cationic softener, acrylic fixing agent, acrylic soaping auxiliary and other auxiliaries.

Types of Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals For Acrylic

1. Because the acrylic fabric is easy to be dyed unevenly, it is necessary to add acrylic retarding agent to control dyeing effect. Now cationic retarding agent is commonly used. Its principle is that in the dyeing process, retarding agent first reacts with acrylic, occupying the specific site for dyeing. Then after the temperature rising, the seat will gradually be released so that dye and acrylic can react with each other. Using retarding agent should pay attention to the dosage, otherwise it will affect the color of acrylic fiber.

2. Cationic softener is the most commonly used softener, which is also a common auxiliaries for acrylic. Cationic softener can easily adsorb on the surface of the fiber with strong combining capacity and strong high temperature, washing resistance. After finishing it can improve the wear resistance and tearing strength of fabric, and give synthetic fiber certain antistatic capacity. So it is often used as one of the auxiliaries for acrylic.

3. Acrylic fixing agent can effectively improve the fastness of acrylic fabric, and also has a good effect on the acrylic blended fabric.

4. Acrylic soaping agent is one of special dyeing and finishing auxiliaries for acrylic fiber, which can improve the fastness of acrylic fabric.

Of course, except for the above auxiliaries for acrylic, in the process of printing and dyeing it also needs to use many other chemicals. To know better of acrylic chemistry , welcome to talk with HT FINE CHEMICAL.

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