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Auxiliaries for Wool and Nylon

Auxiliaries for Wool and Nylon

Wool fiber is soft and elastic, can be used for the production of wool, wool, blanket, wool felt and textiles. The products feel rich, warm and good, comfortable to wear. The characteristics of sheep wool accounted for a large proportion in the textile raw materials. Wool textile industry is an important raw material, featuring in good elasticity, strong absorption and warm. Wool products can be chemically processed to improve the quality.

Nylon fiber, also known as polyamide fiber, has many excellent properties. The appearance of nylon takes on an altogether new aspect of textile. It is not only a major breakthrough in synthetic fiber industry, but also a very important milestone in polymer chemistry. Through researching the dyeing process, the influence factors of dye rate include the initial dyeing temperature, heating rate, holding time, pH value of dye solution, dosage of auxiliaries for nylon and the operating method, etc. Improper control of these factors will increase the probability of dyeing unevenly. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the dyeing process to improve the grade of dyed nylon fabric.

As for auxiliaries for wool and nylon, retarding agent, fixing agent and anti yellowing agent are the commonly used textile chemicals.

Retarding agent can be adsorbed by nylon and wool by priority in the dyeing process, thus reducing the affinity of fabirc to dye and achieving the purpose of evenly dyeing. Due to the non-toxic and pollution-free, retarding agents are environmental friendly textile auxiliaries.

Fixing agent is to improve the color fastness of the wool and nylon. It can form insoluble coloration with dye on the fabric to improve wash and perspiration fastness. Also it can enhance the color brightness.

Yellowing resistant agent is one of the special auxiliaries for nylon and wool with a special effective ingredient that can effectively remove silicone oil and mineral oil on the fiber in the washing process, with high temperature and yellow stain resistance.
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  • Acid Donor 2143Acid Donor 2143February 9, 2017Apply to dyeing of mordant dyes, metal complex dye and acid dyes of mercerized wool and chinlon and make dye bath pH slipping to acidity from neutral.[Main composition] Organic mixed acid.[General pro...Read More
  • Acid Leveling Agent HTWAcid Leveling Agent HTWFebruary 9, 2017[Main composition] Zwitterionic and non/anionic surfactants.[General properties] Appearance:light yellow liquidIonicity:anionicSolubility:easily soluble in waterStability:stable to acid, alkali, elect...Read More
  • Phenolic Yellowing Resistant Agent for Nylon 2191Phenolic Yellowing Resistant Agent for Nylon 2191February 9, 2017[Main composition] Special surfactant derivatives.[General properties] Appearance: yellow transparent viscous liquidIonicity:anionicpH:6-8Stability:stable to acid, electrolytes and mild alkaliSolubili...Read More
  • Soaping Agent for Acid Dyes 2815Soaping Agent for Acid Dyes 2815February 9, 2017This product is compound with special high-molecular compound, is dedicated to chemical fiber, silk, wool, natural fiber fabric, etc printing anti-stain soaping and removes the floating color after dy...Read More
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  • Fixing Agent for Acid Dyes GTRFixing Agent for Acid Dyes GTRFebruary 9, 2017[Main composition] Sulphonate condensation polymer.[General properties] Appearance: red brown liquidIonicity: anionicpH: 3.5-4.5Solubility:easily soluble in waterStability: stable to acid, alkali, ele...Read More
  • Fixing Powder for Acid Dyes NRSFixing Powder for Acid Dyes NRSFebruary 9, 2017【Main composition】 Sulphonate condensation polymer.【General properties】 Appearance:powerpH:7-9Solubility:easily soluble in waterStability:stable to alkali, electrolytes, hard water and weak acid【...Read More
  • Fixing Agent for Acid Dyes SPFixing Agent for Acid Dyes SPFebruary 9, 2017Fixing agent for acid dyes has outstanding acid resistance for easy operation. Especially for wool, nylon, silk and leather with anionic dye-stuffs (acid/metal complex dye-stuffs) while washing, perspiration, light, chlorine and bleeding fastness can be sRead More
  • Dyestuffs Cosolvent SRDyestuffs Cosolvent SRFebruary 9, 2017[Main composition] Alcohol compounds and nonionic surfactant mixture[General properties] Appearance: colorless to pale yellow transparent liquidIonicity: nonionicpH: neutralSolubility:can dissolve wit...Read More
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