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Auxiliaries for Cotton

Auxiliaries for Cotton

Cotton dyeing is operated in a certain temperature, time, PH value and the required dyeing agent for cotton. The common agents for cotton dyeing and printing include scouring agent, dye fixing agent, penetrating agent and so on. Choosing cotton fabric dyeing and finishing process is mainly based on the varieties, specifications, requirements of finished product.

In the process of traditional cotton dyeing and printing, in order to avoid the interference reaction between the dyeing agent for cotton in the aqueous solution, dyeing and finishing are generally separated. Nowadays, under the vacuum conditions, the reaction between components can be effectively avoided by dyeing agent for cotton, finishing agent or the mixture, and ensure that dyeing and finishing can be carried out simultaneously, thus simplifying the whole process. In addition, under the vacuum conditions, the atomized mixture of dyeing agents for cotton absorb on the fabric, which avoids a lot of pollution, playing an important role for environment.

HT Fine Chemical from China offers eco auxiliaries for cotton fabric. Welcome to inquiry.

  • Acid fixing agent HHFIXER HT BIO11Acid fixing agent HHFIXER HT BIO11March 20, 2024Biological based color fixing agent, renewable, free of bisphenol, phenol, formaldehyde, and meets various environmental requirements. After treatment, the color fastness to washing and sweating of th...Read More
  • Cationic Fixing AgentCationic Fixing AgentAugust 3, 2017Cationic fixing agent mainly through the cation and dye molecules in the anion group formation of ionic bonding, thereby sealing the water-soluble groups, to improve the wet treatment fastness. This k...Read More
  • Sulfur Dye Fixing Agent HT-LG26Sulfur Dye Fixing Agent HT-LG26June 6, 2017【Brief information 】Sulfur dye fixing agent is a formaldehyde-free fixing agent, mainly used in post-treatment of vulcanized dye fabrics and obviously all fabrics’ fastness.【Main composition】--Po...Read More
  • Leveling Agent 2022 for Reacitive DyesLeveling Agent 2022 for Reacitive DyesFebruary 8, 2017Leveling agent for reactive dyes of excellent leveling to improves dyeing yield and does not affect shades.Read More
  • Foamless Detergent / Textile Non-foaming Soaping Agent 2006BFoamless Detergent / Textile Non-foaming Soaping Agent 2006BFebruary 8, 2017Suitable for soaping of various fibres that confers excellent soaping fastness without foam and easy wash.【Main composition】Polymer surfactants.【General properties】Appearance: light color to yello...Read More
  • Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071Alkali Substitute/Organic Substitution Alkali for Dyeing 071February 9, 2017【Brief information】 1.HT-071 is a brand new alkali substitute by advanced technology of EU and US.2.Amount of HT- 071 is only 1/10 of soda ash, and better washing and rubbing fastness than that of s...Read More
  • Water-saving Soaping Agent 2137BWater-saving Soaping Agent 2137BFebruary 9, 2017A neutralization soaping agent for soaping of various fabrics with reactive dyestuffs that confers excellent soaping fastness. Low foam, easy wash and saves water.【Main composition】A variety of poly...Read More
  • Fixing Agent for Sulfur Dyes LG26Fixing Agent for Sulfur Dyes LG26February 9, 2017Sulfur dye fixing agent is formaldehyde-free fixing agent, mainly use in post-treatment of vulcanized dye fabrics and obviously all fabrics’ fastness.【Main composition】Polycation polyamine compound...Read More
  • Soaping Enzyme 2140BSoaping Enzyme 2140BFebruary 9, 2017Soaping enzyme is suitable for soaping of all kinds of fabrics, so that the fabric has good soaping fastness and easy to wash.【Main composition】Polymer complex【General properties】Appearance: wh...Read More
  • Soaping Powder DASoaping Powder DAFebruary 9, 2017Soaping powder is an textile auxiliary mainly used in soaping of all kinds of fabrics that make them with excellent soaping fastness as well as low foam and easy wash.Read More
  • Formaldehyde-free Fixing Agent WPBFormaldehyde-free Fixing Agent WPBFebruary 9, 2017Formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive, direct and sulfur dyestuffs that obviously improves various fabric fastness.【Main composition】 Polycationic compound.【General properties】 Appearance: L...Read More
  • Chlorine-resistant Fixing Agent GT25Chlorine-resistant Fixing Agent GT25February 9, 2017Mainly for finishing of dyed fabrics with reactive dyestuffs that obviously improves various fastness, especially chlorine fastness.[Main composition] Cationic polymer.[General properties] Appearance:...Read More
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