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Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent

Wet Rubbing Fastness Improving Agent

Rubbing fastness is one of the most important indexes in the color fastness of textiles, that is, the degree of fading of dyed fabric after friction, which can be divided into dry and wet rubbing. Rubbing fastness to the color of white cloth as the evaluation principle, a total of 5 grades (1-5), the larger the value, indicating the better the rubbing fastness.

The factors affecting the fastness to wet rubbing in textile products are: the types of fabrics, fabric structure, textile pretreatment, such as desizing, scouring, bleaching, mercerizing, etc., the choice of textile dyes and the process, temperature, time control strict or not, as well as the selection and use of textiles auxiliaries, and post-treatment, etc.

Reactive dyes with bright color, complete chromatogram and low price are important dyes for cotton, but the wet rubbing fastness relatively low in dyeing medium and dark colors. At present, improving the wet rubbing fastness of reactive dyes mainly by selecting suitable dyes to make the color, strengthening the control of pretreatment and dyeing process, washing and soaping to remove the floating color, controlling the ph value of the dye cloth, using soft water, adding the sting dispersing agent, etc. However, the above methods are not effective. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with the fabric with special high efficiency color fastness improving agent so as to solve the problem of wet rubbing fastness fundamentally.

Several types of wet rubbing fastness improver:
Adsorption precipitation type
1. Cross-linked type
2. Film cover isolation type
3. Fixing color type

4. Fixing color type

Fixing color type wet rubbing fastness improving agent is to improve the fixation rate of reactive dyes to reduce the color of floating to improve wet rubbing fastness, such as fixing agent. Applicable to the active, direct, vulcanization, acid, disperse dyes and printed fabrics, especially the fuzz clothes, significantly improve the fiber wet and dry rubbing fastness, excluding APEO and silicon spots, not affecting the fabric feel, high temperature resistance.

HT FINE CHEMICAL is specialized in production and exporting of eco friendly wet rubbing fastness improving agent, fastness above grade 3.

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