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Acidic Equalizer HTW

Acidic Equalizer HTW

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Nylon Dyeing Process


Product Introduction


  • Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid

  • Ionicity: Anionic

  • 1% pH value of the aqueous solution: 8±1

  • Solubility: Easily soluble in water

  • Chemical Stability: Resistant to acid, alkali, electrolyte, and hard water

Product Application Performance

Dye leveling agent dyeing rate report


Migration: Macro Hao leveling agent HTW is comparable to the migration on the market.


Product Application

  • As the temperature rises, it slowly colors to achieve leveling effect and reduce color deviations.

  • Promotes complete dyeing of the dye to ensure high reproducibility of dyeing.

  • Particularly suitable for nylon and chlorinated silk wool dyeing.

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