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HT Fine Chemical | Committed to Public Welfare, Love Achieves the Future

HT Fine Chemical | Committed to Public Welfare, Love Achieves the Future

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HT Fine Chemical Co, Ltd., founded in 2005, is a comprehensive large-scale production enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, sales, and technical service support of textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries. While gaining social recognition, the company also constantly gives back to the society.


HT Fine Chemical Shows Compassion

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. showed its love to the education institution, Qingxin District Thirteenth Primary School. In 2023, Principal Wen of Qingxin District Thirteenth Primary School sent us a banner again, expressing sincere thanks to HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. for its support in education!

Principal Wen said that in order to make the school better, we need everyone's support and love. Whether it is donating materials, participating in volunteer activities, or spreading positive energy actively, each effort will contribute to the development of the school. Let us work together to provide students with a better learning environment and richer learning resources.


HT Fine Chemical's Social Responsibility

HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., adhering to its social responsibility, conveys love and materials to areas and social organizations in need and conducts charity activities in various places. It has received praise from relevant social organizations in various regions.

Received the Taihe Town Huanggang Elementary School Public Welfare Feedback Medal in 2013


Received the Qinhuang Old Area Charity Association Donation Medal in Qingyuan City


Honghao Chemical is located in Sihui City, a convenient transportation hub in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, and is a large-scale modern enterprise invested by HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. in 2014 in Jianggu Chemical Industrial Base in Sihui City, Guangdong, with an investment of over 100 million.

Honghao Chemical and HT Fine Chemical are closely related and continuously participate in social welfare activities during this period.

Donation and assistance activities in Sihui Fine Chemical Industrial Park


Donation activities to help poverty alleviation in Longfu Town and Xiamao Town, Sihui City


HT Fine Chemical and Honghao Chemical actively respond to the national call and participate in the assistance plan organized by the government of Sihui City. The company's employees go to the site to carry out public welfare activities and exchange with residents of local community organizations.


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