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Congratulations on the Start of Construction of the Marketing Building by Honghao Chemical Group!

Congratulations on the Start of Construction of the Marketing Building by Honghao Chemical Group!

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On the morning of January 27, 2024, Honghao Chemical held a grand groundbreaking ceremony for the Research and Marketing Building at floors 5-8 of Building 1 in Yinglian Digital Economy Industrial Park, Qingyuan City.


Mr. Fang Weihong, the general manager of Honghao Chemical, led the company's leadership team to participate in the ceremony, congratulating the groundbreaking of the "Honghao Chemical" Research and Marketing Building.

Groundbreaking Ceremony


Lively and festive

In a warm atmosphere, the leaders attending the ceremony collectively offered incense and blessings for the groundbreaking, and with a ceremonial hammer, they marked the beginning of the Research and Marketing Building construction.


A Prosperous Future

Congratulations to Honghao Chemical on the auspicious groundbreaking of the approximately 6000 square meters Research and Marketing Building. May business thrive, wealth flow in, and everything go smoothly!


Full view of the Research and Marketing Building

As our business expands and market share increases, we need hardware facilities that match to further support the company's development.

The company is creating a working environment that is both innovative and full of human care, allowing every employee to unleash their potential and collectively drive the company's continuous development.

With the support of the new office environment, we believe that Honghao Chemical will achieve greater breakthroughs in product innovation, market expansion, and recruitment of excellent talents.

Let us witness together the continuous rise of Honghao Chemical in this new chapter, gathering outstanding talents and creating a brilliant future together!

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