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Honghao Chemical Adds 19 New Blue Label Products! Promoting Zero Use of Harmful Chemicals in Textile

Honghao Chemical Adds 19 New Blue Label Products! Promoting Zero Use of Harmful Chemicals in Textile

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Macro Chemical focuses on products such as wet friction durability improvers, silicone oil, and other dyeing and printing auxiliaries. It has now added three new blue label certified products, namely the refining oil removal agent DT-90, color fixing agent 59BC, and anti-migration slip agent F-54.

Honghao Chemical currently has 68 blue label products.


The blue label certification is a set of high standards required by the textile industry. It is a valuable tool for cooperation with large dyeing factories and is one of the qualifications for cooperation with major brands. Through blue label product certification, products can be used worldwide. When printing and dyeing factories purchase our Macro Chemical blue label certified auxiliary products, they can use them with confidence, without worrying about the hazards of chemicals and harmful substances in the composition on the environment and human health.


New blue label certified products


Blue label products

Fluorine-free waterproofing agent


Smooth silicone oil HT-40H





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