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Honghao Chemical Promotes Zero Use of Harmful Chemicals in Textiles

Honghao Chemical Promotes Zero Use of Harmful Chemicals in Textiles

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Honghao Chemical has added a new blue label certified product: Acid Fixing Agent HT-2501. Honghao Chemical now has over 50 blue label products.

Product Introduction


Acid Fixing Agent HT-2501

Acid Fixing Agent HT-2501 is a new product developed by our company. The use of this product eliminates the need for acid adjustment, avoiding the occurrence of color fixing spots caused by acid adjustment operations. It has good color fastness and achieves the performance of mainstream acid fixing agents in the current market, with good improvement capability. It does not contain phenol, bisphenol F, A, B, AF. It has low bisphenol S content and meets environmental protection requirements.

Physical and Chemical Index


  • Code: Acid Fixing Agent HT-2501

  • Composition: Aromatic sulfonic acid salt polymer

  • Ionicity: Anionic

  • Degree of Substitution: 74±1

  • 1% pH: 2±0.5

  • Viscosity/cp: <1000

  • Bisphenol S Content: <300ppm (compliant with the blue label)

  • Other bisphenols, phenols: None

Residual Data Test Report


Testing Method: Reference AFIRM RSL solvent extraction, analyzed by LC-MS/LC-MS/MS.

Test ItemCAS No.UnitMDL002
Bisphenol A (BPA)1980/5/7mg/kg0.1ND
Bisphenol S (BPS)1980/9/1164.5
Bisphenol F (BPF)620-92-8ND
Bisphenol AF (BPAF)1478-61-1ND
Bisphenol B (BPB)77-40-7ND

Solvent Residual

Testing Method: Reference SGS internal method, analyzed by GC-MS.

Test ItemCAS No.UnitMDL002

This data is the latest test result, with contents below 200 mg/kg, and blue label restrictions are below 1000ppm. This product has been certified by the blue label.

Mechanism of Action

Color fix mechanism: Acid Fixing Agent HT-2501 forms a layer of complex composite film on the fiber surface, blocking gaps, reducing dye diffusion. At the same time, there is electrostatic repulsion between the anions of the fixing agent and the anions of the acid dye, hindering the diffusion of the acid dye into the dye bath and promoting the diffusion of the dye on the fiber surface into the interior of the fiber, reducing the probability of dissolution.

Application Performance

Water washing color fastness is tested according to ISO 105-C06


Recommended Process


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