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How to Effectively Remove Silicone Oil from Clothing?

How to Effectively Remove Silicone Oil from Clothing?

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Usually a textile dyeing factory has the most troublesome problem, that is, the fabric that has been fixed and softened, and suddenly silicone oil spots are found on it, or the color is wrong, and the silicone oil needs to be removed. However, some polyester fabrics treated with silicone softening agent leave a lot of silicone oil stains. How to resolve this troublesome problem?

1. Silicone oil found after fabric dyeing

In actual production, it often happens that after the fabric has been dyed, it has been treated with fixation and softening agent, and it is found that there are dyeing defects, so the dyed product cannot be released due to quality problems. Some of them can be overcome by counter-dyeing with supplementary dyes, such as partial color difference, shade deviation color change, etc.; some need to be stripped and re-dyed, such as upper partial color difference, color difference or color change , color stains, uneven color (left and right color difference, front and back color difference) and other problems.

Generally, it is relatively easy and simple to repair and re-dye without treatment processes such as fixing agent and softening agent. However, after fixing and softening treatment steps, especially after baking or heat setting, the difficulty is greatly increased. .

2. Reasonable use of fixing agent and softening agent

As we all know, if the residual substances of the fixing agent and softening agent and the substances formed by the reaction are not fully washed from the fiber before the repair, serious color problems will occur after the repair, because most of the fixing agent and softening agent are cationic or weakly cationic in nature, and most of the softening agent also have water repellent properties, which will lead to poor penetration and uneven absorption during repair and re-dyeing.

Especially for some silicone softening agent, after reacting with fibers to form a film, the fastness of the film is much higher than that of fatty acid derivative softeners and fixing agents, which makes the repair problem more complicated, and even dyed black will have obvious color flowers.

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