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Amino Silicone Oil

Amino Silicone Oil

Definition of Amino Silicone Oil

Amino silicone oil is that the amino introduced in the large molecule of polysiloxane. The  introduction of amino not only makes the softening agent form a strong adsorption with fiber, thus obtaining excellent softness and resilience; but also it has a soft and smooth hand feeling, as well as a good durability.

The introduction of amino improves the hydrophilicity of polysiloxane, and it makes emulsifying easily. Amino silicone oil has excellent dispersing ability, storage stability, thermal stability and shear stability.
Amino Silicone oil - fabric softener

Characteristic parameters of Amino Silicone Oil

Amino value: The number of milliliters of 1 mol. L-1 hydrochloric acid required for neutralization of 1G amino polysiloxane. It can be titrated with 1 mole of L-1 hydrochloric acid, and it is represented by molHCl•g-1. The ammonia value is proportional to the amino content of amino polysiloxane. Generally, the ammonia value is between 0.3 and 0.9.

Under the condition of certain degree of polymerization of polysiloxane, the higher the content of amino and ammonia value, the softer the feel of finished fabric. If the amino value is too large and the amino side chain of molecule is too much, it will also destroy the whole structure of the polysiloxane chain, and affecting smoothness. The uniformity of amino distribution can also affect the properties of fabrics.

Viscosity: Viscosity is generally used to express the polymerization degree (molecular weight) of amino silicon oil. The larger the polymerization degree, the greater the viscosity of the amino silicone oil. Generally, the molecular weight of amino silicon oil is not very large, and the viscosity is 1000 ~ 10000mPa • s, and also some products are more than ten thousand. The greater the viscosity of amino polysiloxane, the better  film forming ability on the fabric.  The softer the hand feel, the better the smoothness.  If the viscosity is too low , the fabric cannot be acquired sufficient smoothness after treatment. If the viscosity is too high, it is difficult to make a emulsion.

Yellowing phenomenon: Amino in the amino silicone oil contains active hydrogen atoms, which is caused by the oxidation of amino acids to form chromophores when it is baked in high temperature. Especially it has a better Synergistic accelerated oxidation when using aminoethyl amine propyl and other diamine structures, and it is beneficial to form chromophore and yellow  the fabric.

If the amino which was introduced is secondary amino group, the yellow phenomenon of the finished fabric can be reduced greatly. There are two main methods to obtain side chains, which are secondary aminosiloxone. In one way, it was used to acylation on the basis of diamine polysilone to reduce the active oxygen. In Another way , using the coupling agent of secondary aminotype in synthesis to reduce the yellowing of diamine-type polysilicon. At the same time, the hydrophilic and easy decontamination has been relatively improved, and it obtains the best comprehensive finishing effect.

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