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Anti-precipitation Agent

Anti-precipitation Agent

Why Anti-precipitation Agent is needed in Textile Washing

Detergent is subject to many factors such as the cost, and currently the direct chain alkylbenzene sulfonate Sodium (las) is still typical formula, with fatty alcohol polyoxyethylene ether sulfate, 6501, AEO-9 and other surfactants. Although Las is an anionic surfactant with abundant source, low price, abundant foam and good oil-spill performance, its solubility is low and its solubility is affected by temperature. Besides, it also contains NaCl, NH4Cl, Na2SO4.10H2O and the other thickening Agent.

In the condition of not plus any additional solvents, Las Easy in the low-temperature season precipitated white precipitate, resulting in uneven and instable product, and even precipitation and stratification.

The addition of the anti-precipitating agent (solvent) is to solve the problem. The more commonly used solvents are: sodium toluene sulfonate, sodium xylene sulfonate, urea, ethanol, isopropanol, etc.

The Advantage of Anti-precipitation agent

1. It is possible to dye auxiliaries in the opposite direction with Bath method.
2. Can effectively shorten the dyeing time of blended fabric.
3. It can effectively prevent the fabric/yarn from being stained because of its dispersion and anti- 4 precipitation characteristics.
4. Can effectively remove the fiber surface dyes and improve the fabric fastness and feeling.
5. Can effectively keep the bath clean, will not form residue.
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