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Anti Staining Agent

Anti Staining Agent

Definition of anti staining agent

Anti staining agent is a substance that can prevent dyes from coloring in fabrics or in the dyeing and printing process.

Classification of anti staining agent

Anti staining agents can be divided into two categories according to their mechanical and chemical properties. The former has the wax, oil and some inorganic compounds, the latter including acids, bases, salts, oxidants, reductants, etc. There is one special anti staining agent, such as phenylhydrazine sulfonic acid. Some of them are coated on fabrics to prevent contacting with fiber, such as paraffin, turpentine, starch, clay, and barium sulfate. Some anti staining agents take functions by working with the dyes, to invalidate the dyes or to produce precipitates, such as lime, lead sulfate, aluminum sulfate, calcium phosphate, etc. There are also anti stain salts. 

Advantages of anti staining agent

1. Good anti staining effect, and give the original white cotton fiber anti-indigo or vulcanized dyestuff stain
2. Excellent dispersion performance. It can be used in the same bath with mycin and most other auxiliaries
3. Stable during the process of acid or neutral stone washing

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