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Desizing Enzyme

Desizing Enzyme

Definition of desizing enzyme

Desizing enzymes, is a compound using of microbial fermentation of starch enzymes and other effective substances. Applied in the textile industry, it helps to decompose the starch in the fabric size into short chain dextrin and oligosaccharide, and make it extremely easy to remove in the latter treatment process. Desizing enzymes can be used in cotton, silk, Vinylon, viscose fiber, blended fabric, yarn-dyed poplin and chemical fiber blended fabric.

Desizing process in textile

The desizing definition in textile refers to the process of desizing in textile. In the weaving process, the fibers need sizing to increase fastness. In the fabric dyeing, bleaching and printing processes, it’s required to remove the size. Desizing is good or bad, directly affect the quality of finished products, such as hand feeling, whiteness, smoothness, color content and strength. Now mostly using starch paste for sizing, and  there are a lot of desizing methods in chemicals such as caustic soda, sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc., but these chemical products not only damage the fabric, trouble operation, but also pollute the environment. Thus using the desizing enzyme in certain conditions, starch pulp can quickly become dextrin, after liquefaction of soluble dextrin washed with washing, so as to achieve the purpose of desizing.

Advantages of desizing enzyme

Desizing enzyme has many advantages, which are adopted by more and more textile factories, especially some advanced fabrics having no other choice but desizing enzyme. In the whole textile market home and aboard, desizing enzyme process accounted for a large proportion. Its characteristics are: high efficiency and high speed, suitable for high temperature desizing, short time, desizing rate of up to 90%- 95%; fabric no damage, soft hand feeling after desizing, full and strong finish, bright color; desizing and color fixing can be treated with the same bath, thus to shorten process flow and improve labor productivity; used for whiteness, it, can improve the capillary effect, and improve the production conditions, save fuel, reduce cost, and can be used for continuous large production.

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At HT, we can supply 2000 tons for a month. CAS No.: 38099100EINECS; No.: 230-993-8. Thanks for your reading. If you are interested to buy desizing enzyme, please feel free to contact us.
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