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Epoxy Silicone Softener

Epoxy Silicone Softener

Definition of Epoxy silicone softener

Epoxy silicone softener is the compound that introduces epoxy group to macromolecules of polysiloxanes. Because the molecular structure contains reactive epoxide group, under the action of catalyzer and heat, it can react with the active gene on the fiber like OH, NH2, and other active functional group or other additives to form covalent bonds, thereby for a durable processing effect. And this kind of softener will not occur yellowing phenomenon.

epoxy silicone softener compound structure

Epoxy silicone softener features

A. Surface lubrication performance: as a surface treatment agent, it can endow  the surface with excellent smoothness;
B. Lower surface tension: as an internal addition agent, it can improve the internal stress of materials and solve the problems that the materials are easy to be cracked and broken;
C. Bring brilliant softness in the textile processing;
D. Resistance to both high and low temperature: it can be used in the temperature range of -60℃~+250℃;
E. Aging resistance and UV resistance;

Epoxy silicone softener applications

1. It is used as fabric softener and smoothing agent for cotton, wool, silk, linen fabric and products;
2. It is used as a shampoo additives, soft and smooth treatment for hair products such as wigs;
3. It is used as additives in the production of spandex agent, and deal with spandex fiber to prevent the adhesion of spandex fiber;
4. It is used as an internal additive for epoxy resin materials to improve the internal stress of epoxy resin products and enhance its flexibility and make it not brittle or crack.
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