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Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion

Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion

Definition of hydroxyl silicone emulsion

Hydroxyl silicone emulsion can be divided into cationic hydroxyl polysiloxane emulsion and anionic hydroxyl polysiloxane emulsion, according to the differences of emulsifier.  Hydroxyl silicone oil and the fabric have a certain responsiveness, which can endow the fabric with soft and smooth tactility experience. It has a certain wrinkle resistance and also does not lower the fiber strength. The higher the molecular weight, the better the soft and smooth tactility experience. Hydroxyl silicone emulsion of high molecular weight is mainly used as textile smoothing.


Features and Benefits of hydroxyl silicone emulsion

1.Gives the fabric durable and washable smooth, crisp, and drape;
2.It can make different kinds of fabric feeling in T/R, spandex, cotton and blendedyarn when it combines with fluffy discharge agent and super soft silicone oil dilution.
3.It basically eliminate the situation of sticky roller situation without crack yarn and other problems.
4.It can be compatible with non-cationic auxiliaries.

Take one Emulsification method as an example:
① Add 4-6 soft water to the container and 1 smooth silicone oil x-780%.Stir in room temperature until the silicone oil is well blended.
② Sampling, detecting appearance, the qualified products are LAN gray microemulsion, (preferably observe in glass.)
③ Filtration (with 160 mesh stainless steel mesh), discharging, packing.

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  • Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion 920B Hydroxyl Silicone Emulsion 920B Suitable for fabric soft smooth finish[General properties] Appearance: white with blue emulsionIonicity: cationSolubility: dilute with water at any ratiocentrifugal stability(3000r/min):≥15min。[Product features... view
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