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Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Preparation

Polyethylene Wax Emulsion Preparation

The preparation of polyethylene emulsion have three major steps: splitting, oxidation and emulsification.

Splitting: split high pressure low density polyethylene under temperature of 300~400℃ in the cracking furnance and we can get low molecular weight polyethylene. During the splitting process, it is important to control splitting temperature and time to ensure characters and quality of wax.

Oxidation: low molecular weight polyethylene can be oxidized in high pressure reactor under temperature of 120~145℃ by putting compressed air or mixed O2/N2 gas then we can get oxidized polyethylene wax.

Emulsification: add KOH concentrated solution, emulgator and water to oxidic polyethylene and stir them in high speed under high temperature to make emulsion with required concentration. Ionicity of polyethylene emulsion depend on its emulgator.

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