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Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

Using the correct polyethylene emulsion can create high-quality products that meet the desired standards of customers. polyethylene wax emulsion is a soft finishing agent with special function in textile processing. Its main components are low molecular weight polyethylene (molecular weight of 1000 ~ 3000), which is also known as polyethylene wax.

Making proper oxidation of polyethylene wax under certain conditions and introducing a certain amount of carboxyl, hydroxyl and other oxygen-containing functional groups in the molecule will improve its hydrophilic, make it into stable emulsion and reduce the dosage of emulsifier. The oxidation-modified polyethylene wax is called oxidized polyethylene wax.

Suitable emulsifier can be used to transform the oxidized polyethylene wax into white emulsion and polyethylene wax emulsion can be made after further process.

Characteristics and Application of Polyethylene Wax Emulsion

( 1 ) Characteristics

It is compatible with other auxiliaries and can be used in bath with different ionic auxiliaries.

Polyethylene wax is of high temperature resistance, which is not easy to produce yellowing fabric, suitable for processing special white pure cotton fabric. And it can be carried out with optical whitener in one bath and does not affect its whiteness.

Chemical reaction does not occur in the processing, it will not change the color of the dye and hue or affect the color and freshness of the fabric after finishing.

polyethylene wax has a high melting point and the good flexibility of molecule, forming a flexible film on the fiber can effectively improve the tear strength and wear resistance of the fabric.

Having good smoothness, it can significantly reduce the friction coefficient of fiber surface and improve the sewing of various fabrics in high speed sewing.

( 2 )Application

It is mainly used as an additive to improve certain properties of fabrics

It is used as a soft smoothing agent for fabric smoothing finishing agent and high speed sewing thread;

It is used as an additive for spinning oil or sizing agent to reduce the breakage rate of yarn;

It is used as the strength agent for knitting fabric and the protective agent for anti-wrinkling and free finishing fiber woven fabrics.

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