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Sequestering Agents

Sequestering Agents

Definition of sequestering agent

Sequestering agent is also known as chelating agent. The meaning of sequestering agent refers to a complex forming auxiliary chemical with metals such as Iron, Copper, Nickel, Zinc and Magnesium that are present in water and affects the textile processing in many way.

Functions of sequestering agent in textile process

1. Applications of sequestering agent in textile industry
1) Desizing
Adding sequestering agent into whatever kind of desizing agent can improve the efficiency of desizing. This is because it complexes metal ion that reacts with size, improving swelling capacity of size membrane and reactivity of  size and sequestering agent. Thus it is easy to be removed from fabrics.

2) Pretreatment
Mainly use stabilizing agent for hydrogen peroxide bleaching to make hydrogen peroxide resolve smoothly and then improve usage rate of it; at the same time cause the fracture of fabric fiber and form holes.
3) Dyeing
Water, glauber salt, sodium carbonate, sodium chloride and etc. which are used in  the process of dyeing have some impurity. In the influence of impurity, dyes will cause sediment. Especially when dyeing with dyes of bright colors, it can be more vivid after adding sequestering agent and produce no negative effect on rubbing fastness and level dyeing. When dyeing with sulphur dyes, it can prevent copper mirror effect.

1.It can restrain catakytic decomposition of metal ion and perhydrol, hypochloric acid; improve the efficiency of decolourizing; save bleaching liquor; cut the cost of bleaching.

2.It has strong capture ability and dispersion effect to Fe3+ ion; prevent Fe3+ ion react with phenol in the pulp and form dark complex substance. It will protect fiber, improve whiteness and reduce yellowing.

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