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What is wetting agents in textile processing

What is wetting agents in textile processing

Wetting agent definition in textile

Substances that make solid materials more susceptible to water immersion. By reducing its surface tension or interfacial tension, so that the water can be expanded on the surface of solid materials, or penetrate the surface, and the solid material wetting. Usually some surfactants, such as sulfonated oil, soap, open powder BX and so on. Also can be soy lecithin, mercaptan, acyl hydrazine and mercaptan acetal, etc.

Surfactants are composed of hydrophilic and lipophilic base, when contact with the solid surface, hydrophilic Foundation attaches to the solid surface, the lipophilic base outward to the liquid, so that the liquid on the solid surface to form a continuous phase, which is the basic principle of wetting.

Function of wetting agent in textile

Textile Wetting Agent Performance Characteristics: 1, acid, alkali-resistant, resistant to hard water, water-soluble strong, 2, with infiltration, leveling, wettability, good dispersion, 3, to prevent color flowers, color spots, dyeing flowers and other functions, 4, enhance glue, adhesives, paint and a variety of paint products such as smooth, disperse, adhesion and so on.

Wetting agents in textile examples
There are mainly nonionic wetting agent and anionic wetting agent in the market.

Anionic surfactants include alkyl sulfate, sulfonate, fatty acid or fatty acid ester sulfate, carboxylic acid soap, phosphate ester and so on.
Nonionic surfactants include polyoxyethylene alkyl phenol ether, polyoxyethylene aliphatic alcohol ether, polyoxyethylene polyoxyethylene propylene block copolymer and so on.

Before the market there is also a class of the most new type of silicone nonionic surfactant, also known as wetting agent, features: Low molecular weight, more hydrophobic base is an umbrella symmetrical structure, compared with traditional active agents, wettability, permeability performance is extremely excellent, efficient, is a revolutionary new generation of surfactant. Dynamic, static surface tension is very low, including double hydroxyl, reactive agent, chemical properties are inert, generally do not participate in the chemical reaction of the system, good acid and alkaline, stable chemical properties.

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