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2017 HT main recommended products

2017 HT main recommended products

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HT Fine chemical Co.,Ltd is specialized in textile auxiliary industry for more than ten years, our R&D department is developing and researching new products every month, we have developed about 30 kinds of new products during 2016, looking ahead to 2017, we will develop more and more new series products to meet all the customers who are come from all over the world and we also can develop the products according to customer’s requirement. Following list is the HT main recommended products in 2017, all our products have quality & price advantage and are suitable for all the textile industry.

棉梭织前处理助剂Pretreatment auxiliaries agent for Cotton

(省时,省成本) (Save time & Cost)

湿摩擦牢度提升剂系列 ※Wet rubbing fastness improver series

Wet Rubbing Fastness Improver Agent

(符合OEKO-TX 100)            (Comply with OEKO-TX100)

无醛固色剂系列 ※Formaldehyde free fixing agent series

fixing agent

酸性固色剂系列 ※Acid fixing agent series

锦纶阻染剂CS425     ※Nylon anti-staining agent CS425

高温抗黄变剂GK      ※High temperature anti-yellowing agent GK

抗酚黄变剂 8191C    ※Phenolic yellowing resistant agent 8191C

菲斯特SRM            ※Fast dyeing agent SRM

色牢素 SKG           ※Color fastness agent SKG

色牢素YG             ※Color fastness agent YG

增深硅油 6067        ※Deepening silicone oil 6067

冰感硅油系列 ※Ice sense silicone oil series

ice sense silicon oil

亲水冰感硅油系列 ※Hydrophilic ice sense silicone oil series

日晒牢度提升剂RL     ※Light fastness improving agent RL

弹性亲水整理剂 HTPU  ※Elastic hydrophilic finishing agent HTPU

无氟防水剂 HT9001    ※Fluoride-free waterproofing agent HT9001

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