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Importance of Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals in Improving Textile Added Value and Upgrading

Importance of Textile Auxiliaries Chemicals in Improving Textile Added Value and Upgrading

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Textile auxiliaries chemicals can make textiles more functional, high-grade, time-sensitive characteristics, especially foreign trade orders, the quality of additives directly determines whether textiles can pass export testing. If the printing and dyeing process is compared to "cooking", then the textile auxiliaries chemicals used are indispensable condiments, and the quality of the additives is directly related to the appearance and taste of the dish, textile auxiliaries chemicals are directly related to the amount of dyes and dyeing effect.

In order to ensure the quality of adjuvants, HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. has set up its own technicians specializing in the detection of experimental adjuvants and strives to do a good job in the appearance and taste of each dish. After the preparation works are fully completed, the dyeing and cleaning works will be carried out. Here, "dyeing" is a broad concept, including dyeing and printing, in addition to the need for dyes (or paints) and other colors, in order to ensure that after the completion of the project to obtain the desired color or pattern without defects, as well as good color fastness and other purposes, a variety of additives are needed.

In this project, textile auxiliaries chemicals mainly involve the following three aspects:

(1) leveling agents and other auxiliaries needed in dyeing or printing process in order to obtain uniform color.
(2) In order to remove excessive dyes adhering to the surface of dyed or printed fibers, various soaping agents, reducing cleaning agents and other assistants are used.
(3) Auxiliaries such as fixatives, friction fastness enhancers, and sun fastness enhancers are used to further improve the color fastness.
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