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Chelating Agent Dispersing Agent--Dyeing Factory's Descaling Tool with

Chelating Agent Dispersing Agent--Dyeing Factory's Descaling Tool with

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The chelating agent, also known as the complexing agent, metal ions locking agent, water softener. In dyeing factory, it can be used in desizing, refining, bleaching, alkali-decrement, dyeing, soaping, stripping, silk refining, down cleaning, equipment cleaning, water treatment, and other processes. The fouling in the dyeing factory is mainly the mixture of incrustation, silicon scale, fouling, some fouling is difficult to remove, such as the CaCO3 fouling, silicon fouling(H2O2 bleaching, formation at the time of Na2SiO3 as oxygen bleaching stabilizer), in some time, we need to beat and repeating washing to remove the fouling. Some fouling, for example, dacron oligomer is difficult to move using acid and alkali. The fouling is mainly from the impurities by untreated water, equipment, processing of fiber (such as cotton pectin) impurities and dyes and chemicals (such as sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate). Due to the presence of these substances, the formation of insoluble matter deposition to the device under certain conditions (such as the guide cloth roller, roller VAT, the bottom and wall of the vat, and the surface, inwall, outer wall of the heat exchanger pipe, etc.). It will be deposited in the textile, affect the water absorption, the whiteness of the fabric and scratches will also affect the normal work such as heat exchanger, roll.

Chelating dispersant acts on fouling through "three effects"

1. Chelating agents act on the ionic bonds between the fouling and the metal surface. By breaking the bonds, the scale can be easily removed;
2. the formation of fouling is prevented by double electric layer and steric hindrance;
3. dispersing effect, inhibiting the growth and deposition of fouling.
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