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Different Kinds Of High-Concentration Dye-Fixing Agent And Their Property

Different Kinds Of High-Concentration Dye-Fixing Agent And Their Property

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It will improve the wet fastness of nylon and its blended fabrics after dyeing and printing. It will improve the nylon fabrics color fastness at continuous dyeing. And it has less impact on the glossiness. It has strong acid resistance.The Ph value of 10% of  25% diluent the powder solution is 1.0-2.0. And it will not stain the nylon white cloth when printing.


Concentration acid dye fixing agent
It will effectively improve the acid dye; water washing fastness, soap washing fastness and perspiration fastness and so on. It will improve different kinds of fastness index of different kind of fabrics.  And it has less influence on the glossiness of the fabric’s hand feeling. With bad stability, it will apply to all kinds of dyeing agent. And it is good for the improve of acid dye fastness.

High-concentration acid dye fixing agent
After dyeing, it can fix the color in the same dye vat. It will improve the water fastness. Such as hot water fastness, perspiration fastness and so on. It will have less influence on the glossiness and hand feeling of the fabric. And there is little dye dropping in the process of dye-fixing.  And it is similar to imported high concentration product.


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