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Hongtu Auxuliary Shares You the Component Analysis and Recipe Restore of Smooth Agent

Hongtu Auxuliary Shares You the Component Analysis and Recipe Restore of Smooth Agent

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Smoothing agent is a kind of textile auxiliary frequently used. It is made using the formula and synthetic technology at home and abroad.


It belongs to a class of novel and unique textile smoothing agents. At present, it is mainly used in wool and other animal fiber and cashmere blended fabric. Smooth agent can be emulsified and will not leave oil stains, but now it can not be used for washing silk products, it has the excellent performance of soft and slippery, etc. It has good elasticity, and low yellow degree effect.


Smooth agent can be in one bath with cationic softener and crease resistant resin. In common, it is especially suitable for padding and impregnation process. It was weakly positive ion, with super smooth feeling and excellent finishing performance and finishing property, so it is especially suitable for clothing and wool yarn.


There is another kind of hydrophilic smoothing agent formula, it is in positive, and the main ingredients are amino polyether, modified silicone emulsion, smoothing agent. It can be used for a variety of fabric finishing, hand feeling smooth and soft. It is highly hydrophilic. Smooth agent is a chemical composition of high viscosity silicone functional polymer. Emulsion polymerization made by using special materials. It made the fabric with luxurious leather feel, smooth, wax, smooth, soft and elastic, It is widely used in artificial leather finishing.
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