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Silicon Spot Solution

Silicon Spot Solution

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The soft textile agent is the kind of soft agent with good performance and prominent effect, which is widely used. But it also has obvious defects, that is, after treated by the organic silicone, if the defects occur, the process of changing color and repairing becomes very difficult. Improper handling may cause the oil patch, mottling, even mottling occurs when we change the fabric into black color. In serious conditions.
Many dyeing plants have to give up the good hand feeling of the fabric and change into the non-silicone softness agent with worse finishing effect. The result is the hand feeling will not meet the customers' requirement and be in trouble. So the solution to the re-dyeing problem after organic silicone softness finishing is significant.

1. The washing of organic silicone spot
There are different kinds of spots in the fabric. Among them, the most difficult to wash out is organic silicone spot. For those which have reacted and combined with the fabric, the possibility to clean up is very small. The solvent type oil paint remover have good performance in removing the oil. We just need to spray them onto the oil stain and brush it. It has effect in removing all kinds of oil stain, oil spot, grease caused by organic silicone. and it also can remove the asphaltic silicone oil stain after high-temperature setting. It will only leave a little bit stain on the fabric, but no any stain on other fabrics.

2. The choose of temperature in the process of re-dyeing
Organic silicone oil is in the metastable state, and it is more stable at room temperature than high temperature. The organic silicone on the fabric can be classified into two parts: one part has combined the fabric and form continuous film.the other parts existing in the free state polysiloxanes. After drying, the disperse system will be broken. If it free from the fabric and into the water, it will quickly combine into larger oil drop and absorb onto the fabric again. And from oil spot on the fabric.  If we introduce proper surfactant, it will emulsify the washed silicone oil, and not absorb onto the fabric, but will be easy to wash out. Because the methyl silicon oil is easy to be emulsified under 50℃, So we ‘d better wash under 45℃±5℃. And the netlike structure on the fabric will not soluble to water even in the high temperature.

3. The choose of washing emulsifier
The organosilicon polymer without combining with fabric is prone to gather and form oil spot. So we need to choose lipophilic emulsifier with low HLB value to dissolve the oil spot. And we also need to emulsify and disperse the washed out silicone oil quickly and drain them out from the washing system. So we need hydrophilic emulsifier with high HLB value. That is, we need to choose both the lipophilic emulsifier and the hydrophilic emulsifier combing to use.

4. The choose of PH value
The widely used amino silicon oil and epoxy modified silicone will be partially dissolved in acid conditions forming soluble silicone oil. So we need to choose the scrubbing solution with 5-6 PH value.

5. Washing sequence
①If there is oil spot on the fabric, we need to wash the oil spot using desilicating agent at first.
② Put the fabric into the vat, wash 10 min in water
③ Pour into water again, add wash emulsifier 2g/L, Adjust the PH value to 5, increase the temperature to 45℃, and wash 15 min
④ pour water and wash once or twice
⑤ Add dye and re-dye the fabric, wash out the silicone oil after removing the fixing agent. If no redyeing need, dehydrate and add softness agent and dry.

The removing of the silicone oil: the silicone oil is less occurs on the woven fabric, but more on knitted fabric, especially on denim.

The recipe in removing silicone oil spot: degreaser 2g/L, silicone oil cleaning agent 3-5g/L, Caustic soda/sodium carbonate 2g/L, Treated temperature: 85-95℃. Time: 30-60min. Material adding sequence: Degreaser→ silicone oil cleaning agent→caustic soda→fabric need to be treated; Technological process(Dyejigger): Remove silicone oil spot→drain, change water, 60℃×6 times→ drain, change water, adjust PH value to 5.5-6.0, 4 times in room temperature→ add color-increased agent(as appropriate), at room temperature, 4 times→ drying.

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