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Talking about the Textile Enzymes: Desizing Enzymes

Talking about the Textile Enzymes: Desizing Enzymes

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The main content of the desizing enzymes currently used in the textile industry is the alpha amylase. It is used for the removal of starch size to make preparation for the next dyeing processing. Compared with the chemical method, it have the advantage of no damage to fiber, environmental protection, and others. Someone may laugh at it. Is there anything that needs to talk about for desizing such a simple thing? Now I will take this opportunity to help you analyze the performance difference under the microscope and the reasons for causing the problems.

1. The key performance for desizing enzymes: temperature

First, check the application equipment. The main property is temperature. 
The continuous operating equipment runs in high temperature. 60-80 ℃ padding and then steaming. In this conditions, the stability conditions of desizing enzyme activity under high temperature is required. the temperature in the equipment will usually reach 95 to 100℃. if the temperature bearing is not strong, the vitality of the desizing enzymes drop to a certain temperature, causes the inevitable effect of desizing effect. Therefore, the selection of high-temperature desizing enzymes is required.
Cold pad-batch treatment is one of the common energy-saving desizing processes. But because of the climate, room temperature difference between winter and summer is very large. Although the pad temperature can be high, and wrap the plastic bags, piled up for half or one-day temperature decreasing rate and stabilized temperature is different, So we need to choose the overall low-temperature type desizing enzyme. Please note that if the customer chooses a high-temperature product, the temperature in this condition will be quite low and the desizing effect will be poor. Therefore, the choice of products is still very important.

2. The key point of desizing enzyme: stability

This performance covers a wide range of applications, including use stability, compounding stability, storage stability. My understanding of the use stability is that the enzyme products are not susceptible to electrolyte disturbances, including passivation and deactivation, and are easy to adapt to relatively wide pH values and temperatures. About compounding stability, that is, the formula should be able to minimize the vitality loss and guarantee a certain storage period. Some persons often ask why the effect is much lower after mixing. Besides the stability of the enzyme itself, water quality and other additives are also important reasons. Different manufacturers of products have different performance in the control of comprehensive stability.

3.Other difference in its performance

Other performance differences, such as pH value range of adaptation, and chromatic light. In general, the pH value of the products in the large companies is relatively wide, which is about weak acidity. But there are also customers who have been asked to adapt to alkaline products, and we can supply them now. In addition, customers often hope to control the color deviation of the fabric, especially the blue jeans. At present, we have been able to meet the requirements of customers.

4. Questions and answers on desizing enzymes

Well, we have talked a lot of them, and some persons will ask, why can't manufacturers produce a product that adapts to the broadest range of pH, temperature, and best stability? My analysis is that the choice of enzyme species and the limitation of the production process are the most fundamental reasons. The difference between enzymes like DNA, it seems that human beings are very different but in essence the same, like Guo Jingming, Yao Ming, marathon runners and sumo wrestlers. We need to select and isolate enzymes suitable for cultivation and transformation from a wide range of enzymes in industrial production. In fact, at this time, the product performance has been fixed, including the pH value, temperature, and compatibility etc.  Next, due to the production level of the equipment and process of each manufacturer, the industrial products with different vitality, different purity, nd different price cost have been differentiated. Enzyme products are not ordinary chemicals, it can not be produced on a variety of reactors in a few years. It requires a large number of technical accumulation, including R & D and production.
In addition, we will answer a question which is asked by many customers: If the desizing enzyme can remove the PVA sizing agent and other mixed sizing chemicals?
The answer is desizing enzyme have no impact on PVA sizing agent. Because enzyme is special, but the PVA sizing agent can be remove in high temperature.

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