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Two Common Characteristics of Oil Removers

Two Common Characteristics of Oil Removers

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In modern industry, oil removing is very important. There are many kinds of oil removers. For the different chemical properties of oil removers, they can be divided into alkaline oil remover, neutral oil remover and acidic oil remover. The most common types are solvent oil remover and water-based oil remover. Today I'm going to talk about the two commonalities of oil remover.

The first characteristic is that the decomposition ability of oil pollution is strong. No matter what kind of oil remover, it must have strong decomposition ability to oil contamination. Whether it is emulsification reaction or saponification reaction, the ultimate goal is to produce dissolution reaction with oil contamination, so that oil contamination can be quickly removed from metal surface, which is the basic guarantee of oil decreasing effect of the oil remover.

The second is non-corrosiveness, which means that there will be no corrosion on the surface of the product. This has a great relationship with the material, and the characteristics of different materials will be different. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of different oil removers will be different, which requires us to know more about their characteristics when choosing oil removers. Choosing the most suitable oil removers for our products can avoid making corrosion.

The above two can be said to be the most basic characteristics of oil removers, but also very important characteristics.

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