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Usage of fixing agent remover

Usage of fixing agent remover

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People in the printing and dyeing industry know that after the fabrics processed by fixing agent, fixing agent remover is often used to remove the fixing agents remaining on the surface of fabric. This is because if we don't remove the fixing agent before changing color, a layer of protective film will be formed on the surface of the fabric, thus resulting in uneven dye adsorption and then causing color spots.

Fixing agent remover can not only remove residual fixing agent, but also increase the uniformity of color. When using direct dyes, acid dyes, reactive dyes for dyeing, it often needs to repair the color after fixation, because of the existence of fixing agent that resulting uneven dyeing. Fixing agent remover is a good product to solve this problem.

Fixing agent remover is anionic and soluble auburn liquid. The process is very convenient and it can be processed at about 85 degrees.

The storage time is 12 months at normal temperature.

Good fixing agent is essential to the repair of dyed knitted fabric. With stricter requirement of the dyeing quality, the repair of the stain is inevitable, especially the resetting after dark solid color, which is also a difficult problem to test the effect of the fixing agent. Color registration and colorization of light colored or polarized fabric must eliminate the interference of fixing agent, because adding color with the fixing agent is very easy to cause lubricious light and uneven color. It must be processed after removing the fixing agent. (obviously, because of peeling and oxygen bleaching, the fixing agent is easy to remove evenly.) 

This requires good properties of the fixing agent remover: 

1. no reduction of  the degree of color brightness;
2. small change of color light;
3. no color spot in fixing agent removing.

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