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Wax Cleaning Agent in Pretreatment Make Cotton Fabric Better Dyeing

Wax Cleaning Agent in Pretreatment Make Cotton Fabric Better Dyeing

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Without pretreatment, textile will contain stains more or less, like dirty clothes. After the pretreatment, the impurities can be removed so as to lay a good foundation for the later dyeing and printing steps. The common oil stains removers and some efficient agent can solve general stains, but the wax spot of some pure cotton and high density textile can not be solved with them. And here a special type of wax cleaning agent is required.

These are derived from the structural characteristics of cotton fiber and textile technology development in recent years. The change of the weaving technology, produce wax spots in the pretreatment. The existence of wax spot leads to the water-repellency and achromatophilia of pure cotton fabric. Once processed, will cause defects on the cloth, and seriously affect the quality of printing and dyeing products. If you want the cotton to be dyed perfectly, you need to  add wax cleaning agent in the pretreatment process, which can effectively remove oil stains and wax, thus also avoid the phenomenon of uneven and shallow dyeing, and at the same time it can improve the hydroscopicity of yarn and fabric.

As for the operation process, wax removing agent can soak and dyed in the same bath with other printing and dyeing auxiliaries.

Pure cotton fabric has good hygroscopicity and moisture retention. No matter in winter and summer seasons, cotton must be the first choice as the most comfortable fabrics for clothing. Before the cotton grey fabric to be processed into garments, using wax cleaning agent in the pretreament process, can effectively solve the problem of uneven and imperfect dyeing.

Because the operation of wax removing agent is quite simple, and it helps to remove oil stains and wax spots, thus greatly accepted by more and more textile manufacturers, especially its perfect function to pure cotton fabric and other high density fibers.

So before the dyeing and printing, use the proper pretreatment auxiliaries, and get double results with half the effort.

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