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Prescription and Advantage of Strong Oil Remover

Prescription and Advantage of Strong Oil Remover

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In the process of dyeing and finishing, clothing often encounters oil stain, stain, dyeing defect, silicone oil stain on the surface of the cloth, resulting in the reduction of product quality, some even cannot be restored, and a lot of additives are needed in the process of processing, so clothing is easy to become very oily. In order to avoid these problems, HT Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.has developed a textile strong oil remover.

The oil remover formulation is a special surfactant, which is suitable for removing oil stains and rust on various kinds of fabrics.

The effect of textile strong oil remover is also pertinent. Different oil remover has different effects. In terms of high-efficiency oil remover, high-efficiency oil remover is a multi-functional and multi-purpose pretreatment additive, especially suitable for nylon and polyester warp knitting emulsification and degreasing pretreatment process. What are the specific functions of high-efficiency oil remover? High-efficiency oil remover has excellent emulsifying, permeability and decontamination properties for oil contamination. It is also suitable for artificial wood fibers and their blends. Much greasy dirt which common detergents can not clean, high-efficiency oil remover can remove them without adding organic solvents. Moreover, they are stable to hard water and acid-base of common concentration. Textile oil remover is widely used in textile processing, and its use method is relatively easy to learn compared with other auxiliaries. Therefore, HT believes that textile strong oil remover is very popular in the large family of textile auxiliaries.
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