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Super Anti Stainning Agent F

Super Anti Stainning Agent F

HT produced super anti staining agent HT-F, is especially for acid dyestuffs soaping, low foam, high concentration product. This environment-friendly anti staining agent, free of APEO, with excellent anti pollution performance, much higher than similar products on the market, which is one of the best advantages. Its superior anti continuous dyeing effect is also incomparable, in the temperature of 20-60°C, can work well and play strong anti staining effect, high saturation, more dosage and greater effect. Because of its special molecular structure, with complex and disperse dye molecules, several surfactants have a synergistic effect. Suitable for desizing of denim,enzyme washing with the anti back stick. It is the best choice for the allocation of high-grade enzyme powder, and the product can enhance about 10% for the enzyme activity, significantly improve the stone effect.

[Brief information]

   1. Outstanding reserving agent in cellulose recipe that prevents dyestuffs re-dyeing fabrics, especially pocket fabrics.
2. Add after enzyme finish without influence on enzyme activity.
3. For anti staining soaping and removing unfixed dyes after dyeing of nylon, silk, wool and natural fibres.
4. Confers bright shades to printing fabrics without shades crossover.
5. Excellent shade fastness as a perfect dyeing and printing soaping agent.

[Main composition]
Polymer compound

[General properties]

Appearance:micro brown fluid
Ionicity: nonionic
PH (1% solution): 5.0 ~ 7.0
Solubility: soluble in water.

[Product features]

1. Can improve the cellulose enzyme activity and stability
2. Temperature to adapt to a wide range, 25 °C - 80 °C can be significantly express its effect
3. Obviously improves anti re-dyeing performance.
4. Improves cellulose activity and stability.
5. Free of APEO, formaldehyde or other forbidden substances that complies with environmental requirement.
6. With excellent lasting anti back stain effect, and continuous anti back effect within 60 minutes.
7. Good stability, resistance to electrolyte and strong acid and alkali.


Temperature: 25 ℃ ~ 80 ℃
Usage: 100 ~ 600 g/kg enzyme powder

[Order MOQ]
Normally, order MOQ is 3 tons per model and we can offer lowest price with more quantity.

[Packaging and storage]
125 KG/barrel, this product is a high molecular compound, save in cool storage environment, to prevent corruption.

According to your order quantity, we can supply FOB, CIF, EXW price.

We can support LCL shipment and FCL shipment, for LCL shipment, we will pack the goods with wool pallet to save the products during transportation.

[Sample supply]
If you need samples for testing, please feel free to contact us, we will recommend suitable products according to your requirement.

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