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Emulsified Wax 3156

Emulsified Wax 3156

Yarn smoothing agent for cotton 3156B is paraffin smoothing agent and mainly use in yarn which make of all kinds of fibre. Replace waxing of solid paraffin thoroughly, waxing equality and integrated coating .What’s more, make the yarn to get even lubrication and improve weavability substantially. After treatment, can get outstanding soft and fluffy handfeel. Yellowing couldn’t appear in bleached yarn and does not cause dye.

[Main composition]
Natural wax. Close to natural cotton wax and degradable after special emulsification.

[General properties]

Appearance: milky white liquid
Ionicity: weakly cationic/nonionic
pH:                 5-7 for 10% concentration
Solubility:            easily soluble in water

[Product features]

1. Replace waxing of solid paraffin thoroughly and degradable. Have a bath in clean water after dyeing or bleaching immediately.
2. Stable and safety without emulsification, layering and never stain the equipment and yarn. No side effects appeared until the operating fluid reach 100 degree centigrade.
3. Convenient use and no need of dilution, dispersion as soon as meet cold water. Directly add it to vat and stir slightly.
4. High adsorption rate, clear raffinate and few residuum can achieve economic and environment requirement.
5. Obviously improve Sewability of knit goods, avoid producing needle eyes and increase abrasive resistance.
6. Use together with cationic and nonionic softener.


Dipping        1-2% (O.W.F)
Padding        10-30g/L

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